Monday, May 30, 2011

I wanna write about my days in May, 2011 to my diary

Dear Diary,

I left my current job from SSPEC Consultants Pte., Ltd since 29th April, 2011 and cancelled my employment pass on that date.

Firstly, I joined as position of web developer/Assist Tech Lead for five months and promoted for working on the position of a system analyst. Then, I handled all the duties and responsibilities assigned to this position successfully. Nothing problem with this company and everybody. Sometimes, I supposed it as my 2nd home. Because I did attache with my project manager and my colleagues there. I am pleased to say "Thanks a lot" for letting me work there over 2 and half years as senior web developer/ system analyst. While I worked there, my developing languages are ASP .Net(C#, VB), PHP and Objective-C. As system analyst, I am involved many phases of SDLC by utilizing my skills and experience based on not only CMS and E-commerce Domain knowledge but also knowledge in Search Engine Optimization, Web Analytic and so on.
I am willing to learn and pick up new skills and already have got experience working on different languages and platforms. I have already planned of learning Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems utilizing SAP solutions.

Since I working there long time already, I want to seek for better career advancement opportunities by utilizing all my skills and knowledge, and also exposure with new challenging.

I have also confident to get an opportunity for that.

So, I am hunting new job with my expectation.

During these days, I was very busying with developing one web site for Nyaung Kan Aye Dharma Society as volunteer web developer. Going down for interviews, applying advertised job vacancies, other spare times developing and customizing that web site.

Cheers! #Encouraging by my self.#

I can launch that web site on 2nd week of April as soft launch and 12th May with completed live launching. On 20th May, it is orientation day for my may-intake master degree. And, finally I also got job offer which I top most preferred as full time/permanent and apply my employment pass application on 27th May. Everything is well done. Good Job, Melody!

I am pleased to invite for visiting Nyaung Kan Aye Dharma Society site and about Master of Business(Enterprise Resource Planning Systems).

Once I got approval(hopefully 1st or 2nd June), I will be daily routine of life as usual.

But sometimes, praying and praying step by step and struggling a lot is my life style in Singapore.

Dear Friends,

All the best you all too.

with luvs,


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