Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year and sharing about our traditional burmese calendar

First of All, Happy New Year and wish all are the best to my blog's visitors.

Once we step in every new year, we remember to get new calendar.
Before new year, some of friends asking me where they can get our traditional burmese calendar.
Because some of our Myanmar people need to know which days are Auspicious days for doing some events like Novie/Monk hood ceremonies, Building Houses and lakes, moving out/into New homes and buildings, wedding reception, and so on.

Myanmar Calendar consists of 12 months such as

Myanmar Months Months
Tagu (March - April)
Kason (April - May)
Nayone (May - June)
Waso (June - July)
Wakhaung (July - August)
Tawthalin (August - September)
Thadingyut (September - October)
Tazaungmone (October - November)
Nattaw (November - December)
Pyartho (December - January)
Dapodwe (January - February)
Tabaung (February - March)

Since The traditional Burmese calendar is a lunisolar calendar based on both the phases of the moon and the motion of the sun., the months of the English Calendar and the Myanmar Calendar will differ in months.

If you want to know more, take a visit here:

For year 2011, I want to share url which I used to look at and find auspicious days here and here.

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