Sunday, December 5, 2010

Burmese folktales are my favorite stories in my childhood

I got one mail from Sweden and she is a professional storyteller looking for Burmese folktales.
December , she is going to visit Burma as a tourist and observer and then, she want to ask me if I know how to get in touch with someone who can tell her some folktales?

Regarding with above enquiry, I just replied as below:
"If you can get burmese folktales book in English, is it ok? Or do you want to get in touch only someone who can tell you some folktales? Please contact one of guide from SM Tours, who is Mr. Aung Mya. (check this: for office phone no.) "

'Once upon a time...' is one of the most guaranteed attention-getting phrases of the English language and in Myanmar, 'ဟိုး...ေရွးေရွးတုန္းက' is one of the most I like to listen it before I go to bed in my childhood.

Everyone loves a story!

I also love stories not only Burmese folktales but also Chinese and Japanese traditional tale.

In fact, I have been to post some Burmese folktales here:

Credit goes to: (Dr.)Maung Htin Aung(Published as Oxford University press).

If you are still interested in Telling stories as our Custom and Habits, read it again here

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