Saturday, August 14, 2010

Avoidance of double taxation from Singapore & Myanmar Government

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Subject: Fwd: Avoidance of double taxation from Singapore & Myanmar Government

Dear all friends,
Please click below link and click on Myanmar Flag on the webpage to see the agreement between Myanmar Government & Singapore Government for avoidance of double taxation.
According to this agreement, we are not suppose to pay income tax at embassy as long as we stay and work in Singapore for more than 183 days (6-month).
It is same as other nationalities ie; Philippine, Indian, Malaysian, Japan, Korea etc... who do not need to pay income tax to their government as they pay tax here.
This agreement is effect from since 1 April 2001 and Myanmar Government and Embassy is hiding this or do not acknowledge to us and embassy is just collecting $$$$ from us for their own use because they do not require to give our income tax $$$$ to Myanmar Government base on this agreement.
We can say that Embassy is breaking the law by breaking the two government's agreement. We shall sue them in Singapore as they break law and the mutual agreement of Singapore Government.
Shall we claim back our hard-earned $$$$$$$$$$ back? Or we continue donate our $$$ to embassy staff for nothing.
Check it out !!!!!!!! and distribute this information to all Burmese.

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