Monday, May 3, 2010

Dhamma talks given by our Chief Abbot Ven.Dr.K.Dhammasami(UK)

Dear All,

You are cordially invited to the Dhamma talks given by our Chief Abbot, Ven.Dr.Khammai Dhammasmi (UK).

The talks will be held on 14 & 15 May 2010. The details of the programme are as follows::

Driving on a Multi-Lane Motorway Journey!
The talk focuses on the Buddhist meditative practice of mindfulness of thought and emotion, Citta-nupassana.

Date: 14 May 2010 (Friday)

Time: 7:30 pm

Venue: Buddha Dhamma Mandala Society
567 A Balestier Road, Singapore 329884

Tel: 6352 2859 (BDMS)

6689 3359 (OBVS)

A Psychological Skill ... just around the corner
The talk focuses on the contribution of the Buddhist meditation tradition for everyone’s daily life.

Date: 15 May 2010 (Saturday)

Time: 7:30 pm

Venue: Uttamayanmuni Buddhist Temple
32-B Hong San Terrace, Singapore 688785

Tel: 67691751 (UBT)

6689 3359 (OBVS)

We look forward to seeing you, your family members and friends at the Dhamma talks.

Oxford Buddha Vihara (Singapore)

Venerable Dr. Khammai Dhammasami, DPhil (Oxford)
Executive Secretary, International Association of Buddhist Universities (;
Executive Secretary, Association of Theravada Buddhist Universities (;
Research Fellow, Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies, University of Oxford;
Research Associate, SOAS, University of London &
Abbot, the Oxford Buddha Vihara, UK & Singapore

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