Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tourism job salary Vs. IT job salary in Singapore

Travel consultant salary = 1.2 k offered to me. Hathat.. no bloody way how to accept it by releasing web developer = 2k SGD....

In Myanmar, I was sales n marketing manager in tourism industry over 3 yrs. IT experience with over 5 yrs. In sg, at anytime I can get offer 1.2k for tourism jobs n over1.8k for IT jobs. <sigh> In IT field is the best for me in sg. :( that's why, oh my friends sis n bro, consider ur career in sg

Alvin Sumedha Lee (My friend said:)
Continue your IT job... offer to do tourism job on free-lance basis for extra income if you have time :)

I plan like that but sg mom rules not allow to do like that coz I m not yet PR or citizen leh....

Alvin Sumedha Lee (My friend said:)
Then try to get PR or consider citizenship :P


Nay Lin said...

Well..actually this is first time I post the comment here. My take here is do what you love to do. I know money and career future is important role in our life. But, I want to do what I love rather than sit and regret.
This is the lesson what I learned after 40 years of life.

Alvin S. C. Lee said...

Ko Maung (elder brother younger brother?) said it right... do what you love and you will find love in everything you do.

Save your hard-earned money now, then you must have the courage to take that plunge in salary to return to your dream profession (not just a job) when the calling comes.

You can't stop what your soul has planned for you in this life... and you'll be surprised by the meaningfulness of following your calling.

This is also my personal experience from 48+ years of life :)


Thanks to Ko Maung and Alvin Ahkogyi,

I well understand now.

I actually love to do in IT jobs..
Its my childhood dream till Today.

MrDBA said...

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