Monday, October 26, 2009

This month, one of my action of good deeds.

This month, one of my action of good deeds.

Hi Ko Nyi, Thanks for your detail explanation about Ye Yint Thu of 3rd MB student. Glad and honor to know your supported active action for this matter. I will send MMK 100,000 after my salary got in my bank account(perhaps next week). P.S: I will await your reply about Ye Yint Thu's required financial plan including his aim after his graduation. Thanks and regards, -- MelodyMg @ Mi Mi

Above is my reply to Ko Nyi for below mail.

To All My Friends !! Please be so kind as to be informed that Medical Student from University of Medicine (Magway) need urgent financial support for his study since his parents are very poor and unable to support their son's educational expense . Mg Ye' Yint Thu of 3rd MB student at Magway Medical University ( roll no . 226) has been facing serious financial crisis to continue his study at the mentioned University . His father ,U Tin Win earned his living by repairing radios and cassette but he have another 7 childrens to look after and his income is very limited to support his son at medical school . " I have " U Tin Win said " 8 children . All are outstanding in education .Mg Ye' Yint Thu is no.6 in the family but I have other children to support who are also studying at Primary ,Middle School and Distance University . If I can not find any well wisher to support him ,I have no choice but to pull him out of the university although I don't want to do this ' If you or any of your contact find a way to support Mg Ye' Yint Thu , please let me know or contact direct the following address . Thank you. Ko Nyi ( Tharawon )Tel: 09 5142270 ( Father of the student = U Tin Win( Ga/Ta Ta Ka (N) 008585 ) Shwe Bon Thar Street, Taung Pyin (1) Bloc Taung Twin Gyi -- CHILD-SEX TOURIST,DON'T TURN AWAY,TURN THEM IN PLEASE . Sent from Rangoon, Myanmar [Birmania]

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