Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wish her to escape from this trap!

The final draft of defense arguments that will be submitted on Friday, July 24(tomorrow).
Following Friday’s final arguments, the court is expected to arrive at a verdict in the case, concerning accusations that the Burmese democracy icon violated her detention law by ‘harboring’ an American in her house in early May.

Everyone knows that the junta is using the incident as a pretext to charge, try and sentence our Aunty Su to yet another prison term, so as to clear her out of the picture for next year's planned general election.

Wish her to escape from this junta's trap!

Praying Praying Praying....


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

'SEO and Analytics, The Grey and the hard numbers'

On Page
What a Search Engine Sees
Off Page
Links and more links
Spamming and other no-nos

Non-Metrics Information
Business and Analytics
When Analytics fails

I would like to thank Chin Yong(my colleague from SSPEC)SEO & Analytics.ppt for taking the effort into this fruitful presentation. Above links are the slides.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Taking photos with my iphone!

(singapore night life)


(That is the flower of the Cannonball Tree (scientifically known as Couroupita guianensis). It is believed to be the same as the 'Sal' tree, the tree under which the Buddha was born and under which He goes into Maha Parinibbanna. However, there are studies that showed 'Sal' trees to be of different species (scientifically known as Shorea robusta). Thanks, now I know the Cannonball Tree flower's Myanmar name အင္ၾကင္းပန္း :) ) Thanks for this definition by Alvin Lee
(gate of city hall)

(inside St Andrew Cathedral Church)