Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Life is meeting and departing always as universal truth!

Our web analytics(Omniture) team also today is as our last working day at current client site, here.
That project taken 7months time line but I have worked there just 5months starting from November 2008 till today(end of March).
I really want to say thanks to all colleagues every supporting for our Omniture tagging.
I did get a wonderful time with them all kind cooperation with our team.
Although we can not be together with them there, I want still keep in touch with them.
When I send mail as
last day greeting and saying thanks to them, I got many replies from them as below:
Hi Melody,
Thank you for all the contributions. It is nice to have you all here during this period.
All the best to you! Take good care and keep in touch!
(Thanks Tracy)
Thanks Mi Mi for your wonderful help, will remember your ever 'cheerful' & 'sweet' smile
(Thanks Hwee Koon)

Some colleagues makes me delighted and encouraged. Some make hand shaking and give remembrance words which will keep in my heart and soul till I die.
I actually want to stay and work there for long time more.
Whatever, I should accept that Life is meeting and departing always as universal truth!. Isn't it?
Start from tomorrow, I will need to go and work my mother office.
As my norms, I will settle with joy and peaceful mind, working hard all my best and keeping good will to improve my company who hired me with valued minded upon me.

Fight Fight Fight Melody!
Show Myanmar people are so valuable and admirable human beings although their country is not yet keeping pace with advancing world at the moment.


Friday, March 6, 2009

A shoulder to cry!

Don't say you have nobody!
You are not lonely.
Whenever I have free time, I am thinking about you.
Whenever I sit in front of buddha image and go to monastery, I used to pray for you.

when you need
A shoulder to cry on
When you need
A friend to rely on
When the whole world is gone
You won’t be alone
I’ll be there
I’ll be your shoulder to cry on
I’ll be there
I’ll be your friend to rely on
When the whole world’s gone
You won’t be alone ’cause I’ll be there

I send this song's link to you. As I know that you like it very much, I really happy. I truly, madly, deeply love you, my dear.

Credit goes to there: http://www.petalia.org/Songs/a_shoulder_to_cry.htm