Sunday, February 22, 2009

My definition for each day

My definition for each day
which you make me feel and turn light me up

Monday is fair of face
Wake up with your text message
as if alarm clock and thence,
can go to work punctuate

Tuesday is full of grace
make me still remember
exchanged love words as trace

Wednesday is neutral
day has gone as usual
and feel as nothing special

Thursday has far to go
though, tiredness has been throw
coz one day left to feel woe

Friday is loving and giving
as if golden, daylight is brighting
every good friday makes me enjoying
full of words cannot stop for sharing between us

Saturday works hard for a living
so as not to need parting
let's counting to that day without boring

On Sunday, No information available for that day
may be you are visiting somewhere or missing me alone. :P

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