Sunday, November 2, 2008

Web Trends Behavior and Analytics

I am so interested in Web Trends Behavior and Analytics now. I found that WebTrends Analytics is a Web analytics tool which collects and presents information about user behaviour on web sites. It collects data from Web server log files augmented with information from client-side scripts, presents results through a graphic user interface, and can present a large variety of data and analyses on many different kinds of web sites. The report presentation interface is highly configurable, allowing the administrator to select specific information to present. It has a large number of configuration parameters, and requires the administrator to understand HTTP and other Web technologies in detail. WebTrends Analytics can require considerable resources and governance for web sites with high traffic. (ref:

At the moment, I know these two products of Web Analytics: 1) Web Trends Analytics and
2) Omniture Web Analytics

If you already know about some others web analytics tools or if you also interested in it like me, Please kindly drop comments in this post.
While I were applying Omniture Web Analytics tools in my current job, I will also post about my discovering here.
Hope to get a chance to exchange knowledge for this topics.

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Nay Min Thu said...

Google Analytics is widely used. You should check it out. =)