Thursday, November 6, 2008

Web analytics tools

Web analytics tools help you track your site's statistics, allowing you to see how many people are looking at which page, what sites your visitors are coming from, who your users are, and more. This information can in turn help you measure traffic, understand your visitors' needs and behavior, and gauge click-through rates to new content or features.
Google Analytics is widely used and widely liked. If you're building a new Web site, or have a bit of HTML knowledge, Google is a great free option for surprisingly robust analytics.

If you find you're running into substantial limitations with Google Analytics, and you're ready to invest in a more predicable and powerful package, there are plenty of available options. The following tools give you substantially more control than any of the above packages; more powerful metrics; much more freedom to perform detailed user segmentation; the ability track detailed patterns; and, oftentimes, sophisticated data charts (such as trees or interactive layouts) that make it easier to track complex sites.
More Powerful Analytics Packages are: ClickTracks, WebTrends, WebSideStory HBX Analytics, Omniture's SiteCatalyst

Choosing a Package
The first question to ask yourself when deciding on an analytic package is: Google Analytics or not? Google Analytics is a good default option for a lot of organizations. That said, if you have a Control Panel and analytic tools available to you through a shared Web host, you may take a look at AWStats and Webalyzer to see if they'll meet your needs. Of course, if you're familiar with Web statistics tools and want more than the analytics and limited control that Google offers, picking a more powerful analytics package might be the way to go.

The right Web analytics package can make a big difference in your ability to understand your visitors' needs and your site's traffic. Choosing the right option means you'll be able to track exactly what people are doing on your site, get all your (and your boss') questions answered, and maybe even sleep a little better at night.

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I mean tools either free or not (including Google analytics tool). You can also check
As for me, my current work is tagging with Omniture in our clients' websites.
Today, I did check with WASP(WASP is the Web Analytics Solution Profiler, a specialized Firefox extension aimed at web analytics professionals Buy! who want to do quality assurance and understand how their web analytics solution is implemented.). We can use it after downloading to track some websites which ady implemented tagging of analytics tools. But Firefox version 3 must be to install it.

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