Saturday, November 1, 2008

Great Greeting To the Earth

Breaking News!

Melody felt not very well.
You can see me as patient with some fruits and snacks.
But you need to make appointment first because many friends wanna do it.
Occurrence was that I cannot sleep enough for 3days by doing coding, by calculating maths and as a result of this, I got shock due to low blood pressure on last Wednesday. Thence, I did great greeting to the Earth ..eek.. sorry, unconcious and fall down at Toilet in Jurong East MRT. I need to see with doctor near by clinic due to bleeding. Laceration Chin and my face hit and got dark spot now. My teeth also a little scrap. After dressing and I request doctor to be used sticky stitch for 3-needs untouch. now I cannot take photo for my spass card issuing. I need to wait to take out for 5days. If starting from Wednesday to tomorrow is enough, tomorrow plasta can be taken out by myself and I can go and visit as pretty girl without plasta. Heehe :P

But I will need to start work on Monday, and need to learn in advance about my client's sites and about my product of Web Analytics tool, I am busying with many stuffs for this weekend.
So, I want to let u, my blog readers, know about that only few posts will be posted in my blog slowly during these days.

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