Friday, November 21, 2008

Singapore Vs. Myanmar

Visitor arrivals to Singapore dropped 4.1 percent to 739,000 in September from a year ago due to the global economic crisis and the downturn could continue into next year, said the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) on end of October. As a result of this, some friends from Myanmar who came and find tourism job like ticketing or some posts in hotel, they cannot get good job and they need to even return back to Myanmar.

For credit crisis,
DBS, Citi, HSB, OCBC etc are “greedy like hell” Everywhere they hold road shows to sell new deposit attractions and offer you to open Credit Card Accounts with them. At MRT, young part time workers, mostly university students hand me forms.etc. trying to get business. Yesterday, I found out young part time workers from citi bank trying with smiley face without tired. As I have already planned to open bank account in POSB bank, so as to save with low deposit.

Luckily, in Myanmar, mostly ordinary people don't know and understand about current global economic climate and then they can be happily and enjoy as usual. But some of family whose family members are working in oversea countries, are worrying about their's dependable buddy if he/she need to return back to Myanmar as a result of job cutbacks. Some families depending on overseas remittances may be in a very tough situation. But tourism in Myanmar, there are many tourist arrivals since starting of this month November. As I heard and know, all hotels are occupied fully and many tourism companies are handling tour packages with big groups as normal peak season. Feel better. If not, some big companies with huge overheads who wait and see tourism condition, want to closed their company after December if they cannot survive without jobs.

Wish people from all over the world, may overcome this current global economic crisis and got peaceful lives at soonest

Praying and praying also for myanmar people, even they cannot yet keep pace with advancing world, they may feel better like this.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Article 19 "Universal Declaration of Human Rights"

"Everyone has right to freedom of opinion and expression;
This right include freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."

On 10th Nov, Monday, my friend, blogger Nay Phone Latt has sentenced to 20 years and six months imprisonment by a court in Rangoon’s Insein Prison.
Regarding with this, I still feel so upset till now and not comfortable to read some wrong information in some media mentioned his past actions both of his blog and real life.

Among them, regarding with The Committee to Protect Bloggers(CPB)'s gutting to learn about him, I drop comment as below:
Nice to know this committee to protect bloggers.

But I want to clarify that some point is wrong publishing.
1) He was convicted of contravening a public law act by posting a cartoon of the head of the Burmese military junta on his blog
Melody: No, it is not correct. Not on blog, may be in his email.

2) In September 2007 during the uprising, Nay Phone Latt’s blogs provided the world with information about what was going on in Burma
Melody: No, it is also not correct. He never do like that in his blog. He is only artist/author who did write poems, articles about his opinions and ideas without interference through his blog.

We just know him as ordinary youth but he has been to be NLD youth member once. And he never persuade any bloggers about politics. This electronic act is really really unfair treatment upon youth and all Myanmar people who are in IT field. This is my point of view without personal.


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Knight fellowship at Standford

Knight fellowships at Stanford University open to international journalists

Journalists from around the world with minimum seven years' professional experience are invited to apply for the chance to be Knight Fellows in the U.S. at Stanford University, receiving nine months of study, intellectual growth, and personal change from 2009-2010. Deadline: December 15.

Eight selected fellows will take classes from mid-September to mid-June in any area of Stanford that interests them; conduct independent study with faculty, and participate in special weekly seminars with distinguished Stanford scholars, business and political leaders and cultural and social observers.

The fellowship is open to reporters, editors and anchors; photographers, producers and news directors; editorial cartoonists and Web gurus; and more. This round of fellowships will especially emphasize journalistic innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership, including developing and strengthening press freedoms around the world.

The fellowship includes a stipend of US$60,000 plus supplements for housing, child care, health insurance and books.

For more information, go to


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Web analytics tools

Web analytics tools help you track your site's statistics, allowing you to see how many people are looking at which page, what sites your visitors are coming from, who your users are, and more. This information can in turn help you measure traffic, understand your visitors' needs and behavior, and gauge click-through rates to new content or features.
Google Analytics is widely used and widely liked. If you're building a new Web site, or have a bit of HTML knowledge, Google is a great free option for surprisingly robust analytics.

If you find you're running into substantial limitations with Google Analytics, and you're ready to invest in a more predicable and powerful package, there are plenty of available options. The following tools give you substantially more control than any of the above packages; more powerful metrics; much more freedom to perform detailed user segmentation; the ability track detailed patterns; and, oftentimes, sophisticated data charts (such as trees or interactive layouts) that make it easier to track complex sites.
More Powerful Analytics Packages are: ClickTracks, WebTrends, WebSideStory HBX Analytics, Omniture's SiteCatalyst

Choosing a Package
The first question to ask yourself when deciding on an analytic package is: Google Analytics or not? Google Analytics is a good default option for a lot of organizations. That said, if you have a Control Panel and analytic tools available to you through a shared Web host, you may take a look at AWStats and Webalyzer to see if they'll meet your needs. Of course, if you're familiar with Web statistics tools and want more than the analytics and limited control that Google offers, picking a more powerful analytics package might be the way to go.

The right Web analytics package can make a big difference in your ability to understand your visitors' needs and your site's traffic. Choosing the right option means you'll be able to track exactly what people are doing on your site, get all your (and your boss') questions answered, and maybe even sleep a little better at night.

P.S: I just sharing what I read. More details, click here

I mean tools either free or not (including Google analytics tool). You can also check
As for me, my current work is tagging with Omniture in our clients' websites.
Today, I did check with WASP(WASP is the Web Analytics Solution Profiler, a specialized Firefox extension aimed at web analytics professionals Buy! who want to do quality assurance and understand how their web analytics solution is implemented.). We can use it after downloading to track some websites which ady implemented tagging of analytics tools. But Firefox version 3 must be to install it.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Web Trends Behavior and Analytics

I am so interested in Web Trends Behavior and Analytics now. I found that WebTrends Analytics is a Web analytics tool which collects and presents information about user behaviour on web sites. It collects data from Web server log files augmented with information from client-side scripts, presents results through a graphic user interface, and can present a large variety of data and analyses on many different kinds of web sites. The report presentation interface is highly configurable, allowing the administrator to select specific information to present. It has a large number of configuration parameters, and requires the administrator to understand HTTP and other Web technologies in detail. WebTrends Analytics can require considerable resources and governance for web sites with high traffic. (ref:

At the moment, I know these two products of Web Analytics: 1) Web Trends Analytics and
2) Omniture Web Analytics

If you already know about some others web analytics tools or if you also interested in it like me, Please kindly drop comments in this post.
While I were applying Omniture Web Analytics tools in my current job, I will also post about my discovering here.
Hope to get a chance to exchange knowledge for this topics.


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Great Greeting To the Earth

Breaking News!

Melody felt not very well.
You can see me as patient with some fruits and snacks.
But you need to make appointment first because many friends wanna do it.
Occurrence was that I cannot sleep enough for 3days by doing coding, by calculating maths and as a result of this, I got shock due to low blood pressure on last Wednesday. Thence, I did great greeting to the Earth ..eek.. sorry, unconcious and fall down at Toilet in Jurong East MRT. I need to see with doctor near by clinic due to bleeding. Laceration Chin and my face hit and got dark spot now. My teeth also a little scrap. After dressing and I request doctor to be used sticky stitch for 3-needs untouch. now I cannot take photo for my spass card issuing. I need to wait to take out for 5days. If starting from Wednesday to tomorrow is enough, tomorrow plasta can be taken out by myself and I can go and visit as pretty girl without plasta. Heehe :P

But I will need to start work on Monday, and need to learn in advance about my client's sites and about my product of Web Analytics tool, I am busying with many stuffs for this weekend.
So, I want to let u, my blog readers, know about that only few posts will be posted in my blog slowly during these days.