Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Moving new place in Yishun near Khatib MRT

Although I cannot catch a job in Singapore, I need to move to new place.
Till today start arriving here, I stayed at Toapayoh.
I really enjoyed to stay there.
And I was very happy to get a chance to visit Toapayoh Central and do shopping frequently. I used to have meals like breakfast at Yakun Kaya Toast, lunch at Burger King and dinner at KFC. Whenever I feel boring, I can do window shopping there. Eating a lot of snacks and fried meats like Old Chang kee. I can also easily buy for cooking things at NTUC(fair price). I like to eat ice-cream, yogurt and fruits including small tomatoes. So, I used to buy them frequently. Okay, I talked a lot my likes and habits.
This night, I already moved to new place in Yishun near Khatib MRT. This new place also convenient for transportation and have many shops to buy easily. Food Court also just go down. Hope all goes well with me at this new place. Once I settle well here, I wish good luck of job hunting also may knock my fortune door. In Myanmar proverbs, there is the meaning that right place for success("ဘူမိနက္သန္ေနရာမွန္").

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