Saturday, May 31, 2008

Me and 100days battle

During these days, I am still busying with volunteer actions on storm
victims relief and my on job training, I want to share about my 100
days battle. I hate War. This is just battle of life whoever face and
fight to succeed. Last over 100days, I have been to read one book
which related Christian while I went to beauty saloon to have my hair
cut and beautified to shape my eyebrow. :P

In that book, after 40days, everyone can change their lives
accordingly. During those days, need to review, change mind and soul,
praise God's bless. As for me, I was so interested in it and wanted to
apply anything on that idea. Thence, I reviewed my current condition
and life status without hesitation. Although time is knowledge age,
even I invested my time and effort in Tourism, I cannot rich and get
high living standard till now. I will still need to invest money to
operate own business. So, I would like to change my career after next
100days. I decided to go abroad to work as professional in IT field on
8th February 2008.

According to my decision, I attended Industrial ASP.Net Course and
prepared to sit Microsoft Exams. On 17th May, 100days take time. Then,
I sit Exam on 18th May for 70-536(Application Development Foundation)
and 70-528(Web Based Client Development). Now it is time to be
boasted. (Hehee)

Could you say Congratulations on passing my recent Microsoft
Certification exams, with a widely-recognized validation of my skills
on Microsoft technology? Also, nice to find connections with millions
of experienced IT professionals around the world at events and online
as I'm one of certified.[For my Microsoft certification
Transcription ID = 797343, Access Code = 61754mmm]

Number of Microsoft Certified Professionals Worldwide
The Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP) program was
established in 1992. To date, more than 2 million people have achieved
Microsoft Certification worldwide.
* 5,865 (MCTS) .NET Framework 2.0: Distributed Applications
* 20,392 (MCTS) .NET Framework 2.0: Web Applications
* 10,445 (MCTS) .NET Framework 2.0: Windows Applications
* 4,438 (MCPD) Enterprise Application Developer
* 4,539 (MCPD) Web Developer
* 1,480 (MCPD) Windows Developer
* 2,268,992 Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) Worldwide.

I want to find job role of .Net Web Developer in Singapore or
Australia. I have already resigned from previous work and now, I am
under on job training in Gusto Software Development Co.,
Ltd( in Yangon. If you want to
assign me as freelance web developer for your website, warmly welcome
and highly appreciated.(just promoting myself :P )
Sorry, if I did some shameless self promotion here.

Hope to become one of the best software developers and join a
reputable company such as Microsoft/Google in near future.

P.S: Frankly admitted, I got idea to change my career based on my
little friend(from Fiji Island): Mayvelous's
achievement(, She is also one of 2
million MCPs Worldwide earlier than me.


Khin said...

shameless promotion is always welcomed!

congrats and wish you luck

Alvin S. C. Lee said...

Hey Sis Melody,
Wishing you all the best in changing your life... it will be the beginning of a long road ahead but it will reward you with your hard work.


shanglawt said...

The book that you have read in the beauty saloon is entitled with "The Purpose of driven life: What on earth am i here for", right ?? could you please tell me that book if i was wrong..