Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cyclone Relief more information

I was safe for the sake of God.
My some blogger friends also safe but their accommodation or apartment/home a little damage.
We faced with water supply difficulty and no electricity.
That much make us feel better.
For others victims, I am pleased to post like forwarding below mail in my inbox.
Thanks for reading and your empathize by contacting to ShelterBox USA

Dear Friends and Colleague:

For those of you that have inquired, here is some information from someone who has been in direct contact with Yangon.  If you want to help the victims, here is some possibilities you may want to consider.

Thank you for your kind thoughts concerning this tragedy...


Catherine Raymond

P.S. Sorry if you receive duplicate copies of this email....

Give Direct Emergency Relief to Burmese Cyclone Victims

You can provide immediate, direct relief to Burmese cyclone victims.This relief will go entirely to the victims, not be sidetracked by government agencies, politics or administrative siphoning.

ShelterBox USA is poised to send a first shipment of 200 ShelterBoxes to Burma.  These ShelterBoxes will provide 2,000 cyclone victims immediate shelter plus the tools needed to boil water, cook food and bury waste.  ShelterBox USA is a non-profit, international service project of the Rotary Club.  The Rotary Club is a worldwide organization of people whose goal is to come together and give back.

These ShelterBoxes are currently pre-positioned in Dubai.  A fully trained, on-the-ground response team will directly distribute the ShelterBoxes in Burma.  All that is necessary is the go-ahead from the Myanmar government.

The charge d'affaires of the Myanmar Embassy in Washington was personally contacted today with the offer of 200 donated ShelterBoxes by a highly placed Burmese-American.  A formal request to approve ShelterBox relief has been forwarded to Yangon.  The government has
already indicated its readiness to accept international aid if it is non-political.

Each ShelterBox contains a 10-person tent, bedding, water
purification tablets, a trenching shovel, cooking/eating utensils, tools and stove, etc.  ShelterBox USA has provided disaster relief to tsunami and Katrina victims, responded to the Pakistani earthquake and is currently providing humanitarian relief in the Sudan.

To learn more about ShelterBox USA, please visit its website:

Sponsoring a full ShelterBox costs $1,000, but any and all financial donations are welcome.

The donation code for the Burmese relief effort is 5408.

You may donate on-line or mail your donation to:

       ShelterBox USA
       8374 Market Street
       Suite 203
       Lakewood Ranch, FL  34202

ShelterBox USA is a (501)(c)(3) organization;  donations are tax-deductible as provided by the Internal Revenue Code.

Catherine Raymond
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Director, Center for Burma Studies
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