Thursday, May 8, 2008


Another Message:

From Vicky Bowan


The following experienced NGOs have all been established on the ground in Burma for many years, including in Irrawaddy, Bago, Yangon Divisions and Rakhine and Mon States.  They are variously already conducting assessments
and starting to provide support to the populations hit by the cyclone.

The websites give links to their Nargis appeals, and will allow you to claim Gift Aid for your donation if you are a UK taxpayer, maximising the effectiveness.

Save the Children (UK)

Have launched a £5million appeal

Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF (NL)
working in Yangon area including Hlaingthaya, Dalla and Twante


£500,000 appeal

Medical team sent to Laputta

Have been active in Irrawaddy Division for some time


Currently working on needs in South Dagon and Thaketa

World Vision
You can identify your donation to their Myanmar cyclone appeal

International Federation of the Red Cross
Have been working to build the grassroots capacity of the Myanmar Red Cross
Society which has a network of volunteers throughout the country

Not an NGO, but UNICEF is also organised and active throughout the country, and appealing for funds

There are also a number of small NGOs and private initiatives, some of which wish to remain below the radar, so are not included in this list

For a list of US NGOs which are accepting contributions for Nargis (not all of whom have an on-the-ground presence)

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