Saturday, April 5, 2008

Donation to Hlaing Taryar Fire victims on March 18 2008

Hi Colleagues and Donors,

We made the donation to Hlaing Taryar Fire victims on March 18 2008

Born to be for "Lovely Myanmar"
Not for fame and wealth...
Let's do it all together.

According to the slogan of this donation activities, we managed it to
be a effective, not for our fame and wealth, just for vulnerable
people based on humanity.

Although our RAVEN BDC is still young and small organization, we got
this achievement because of you who are a silent hero of the

Therefore, we really appreciate your contributions in this donation
activities and deeply want to express a huge thanks on behalf of fire

Yours truly,

Nyan Minn Aung
Public Relations

I receive above mail. I called Sardhu three times.
I also went and participated a while that occasion.
I did post about it in my myanmar blog:

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