Saturday, February 2, 2008

To My Friend ...

My friend, Blogger Nay Phone Latt, was mysteriously missing and some media mentioned that he was picked up by police at Rangoon on 29th Jan. The reason for his detention is still unclear.
This news makes me stun and shock.

I have only a chance to pray for him.

Free Blogger Nay Phone Latt

I want to share when god paints...

When God paints
He uses red and
Bold and full of passion
Like the fiery power of His love for us

When God paints
He uses the yellow of the sun
Full of illuminating warmth
To comfort us all throughout our days
When God paints
He uses shades of purple
To remind us of the royal majesty
Of His blessings all around us

When God paints
He uses unspoiled whites
Full of all the purity and hope
Of the Heavens where He reigns
When God paints
He uses gentle greens
Sprouting through all of Nature
As His love and grace grows each day

When God paints
He uses oceans of blues
Like the
rainy tears in the sky
Letting us know He feels our every pain

When God paints
He brings all the colors together
Showing us the intricate depth
Of this glorious realm He's created for us

When God paints
He doesn't skimp on colors
He uses all that he can
He invented each and every one, after all!

God loves you
God bless you

P.S: This credit goes to sender Hari Yunial


Yan said...

What a nice poem and pictures!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, thanks, thanks. Make me inspire beautiful appearance and remind me the importance of beautiful mind too. thanks again and cheers.


>> Thanks, Yan

>> Anonymous, Glad to read ur comment! Happy New Year 2009 to you and wish you enjoy with ur many best friends for this year and also forever!