Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bad News! AirBagan Putao flight crashed down

Bad News!

This evening, AirBagan flight(from Mandalay-Putao) crashed down near
Putao.(khar kyoe tel)
5foreigners was killed, 20persons injured as emergency patient(ahtwin lunar).
(Total passengers on board is around 62pax)
Not yet exactly know.
Just for your information.

As a result of this, AirBagan flight cancel tomorrow's some schedule.

P.S: I didn't take responsibilities about this bad news either correct
or not. (just sharing)



Sorry, I was posted wrong news which differed with real.
Actually was, just a little damaged at left swing and body of plane.
injured person was pilot only with his hand broken and no person injured.
Here is update news in Myanmar: http://www.mizzimaburmese.com/content/view/623/1

Alvin S. C. Lee said...

Must salute pilot for holding responsibility in keeping plane of passengers safe despite his own injury.

Stabiloster said...

yeah, must salute to the pilot.. i wish all pilots r like tat.. with a news like tat, sure boost airbagan's prestige :)