Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bad News Again About Huge Fire In Mandalay

I Feel Upset to hear about huge fire in Mandalay.
Since this morning around 7 A.M, Fire start burned at Yadanarpon Market in Mandalay.
Some of My friends' losing their properties there, about that news burned my ears as bad news constantly.
That fire cannot extinguished yet till current Myanmar time 18:00(now).
There is only one fire engine which can try to extinguish to higher building.
Mostly other fire engines can only surround near by and may be wait till all are burned.( not join with other blocks)
Feel better is no injured and died person(losing of life) as I hear.
But No one can bring out their things from each store. If they would try, it may be fire-trap.
Mandalay Fire is like this ever.
Wish this fire can be extinguished as much as earliest Before darkness.
Night time firing has to worry to occur robbery and taking things by force or snatching.

Some photos can see here for Mandalay Fire: http://anony.pictiger.com/images/14303366/


Anonymous said...

Thank god for no casualty. But any idea what the cause was!!

Alvin S. C. Lee said...

Human life is precious. It is good that no one has to lose life in this calamity.

Now we can only hope for Heaven to open up and pour heavy rain to help the lone fire-engine.

Myo Kyaw Htun said...

so sad :(