Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Very Happy and Lucky New Year 2008

Last Night(31-Dec 2007), New Year staff party was celebrated at Western Park Restaurant Happily.

Including our Boss and his wife, some relatives and us(staff), total is about 60 persons participated and enjoyed that party.
We did change new year present each other. As my present is bikini and shower Gel, one of lady staff got it and shouted that she don't like my present as she's already hear about my funny present. In Myanmar, normally lady feel shy to wear or to buy bikini and sexy panty. :P
I got present alarm table clock from one of senior brother as it may be first prize for me coz I am late comer.

Next program is lucky draw. Wow! I run into the pot (hathat). My winning certificate is Thai food dinner tonight at Sabai Sabai Restaurant for 2persons. Will you join with me? Try to catch me. :D

And giving prizes program makes me excited. If I have been announced as late comer for Year 2007, I would feel shy. But feel better, that kind of prize is not included. If so, can you guess what I got which prize? I wanna boast a little(But no allowed to ask me for treating you). Please, check it up here.

After that, we played funny games. And we receive our boss's speech before restaurant closed. As restaurants in Yangon have to be closed 10:30 PM as latestly according to mayor's restriction.
I arrived back around 11 o'clock.

I don't want to say about second session at home about count down style.

Anyway, 2008's welcoming to me is very lucky.
Together with me, you all will have a most happy and lucky New Year 2008.


Anonymous said...

wow! seems you had great time at party... cool..

I was in East coast on that day.. it was fun..

Khin said...

nothing wrong with wearing a bikini but Burmese men still cannot stand the sight like religious muslim men.