Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Our Staff Vacation to Kyaikhtiyo-Mawlamyine-Paan

We went Staff Vacation to Kyaikhtiyo-Mawlamyine-Paan from 4th Januray to 9th Jaunrary.

All our group members are 14staff and joiner 2persons. We enjoyed our trip and took many photos there. After returned back, I cannot give time to post photos for this trip in my this blog because I have to pick up my many works. Now I got spare time a little. So, I want to write and publish this post. See and enjoy my pictures.

How was crowded on 5th Janurary

At 5:00 PM, we arrived at Mawlamyine.
On 6th Janurary, we went Win Sein Hill Missionary where there is The Zinathukha Yan Aung Chantha Reclining Buddha Image. Now, I want to describe about it.

The Word Win Sein in Mon mean Sin-Lu-Eying. Its area is about 499.62 arces. It is situated beside the Mawlamyine-Than phyu Zayat road about 14 miles from Mawlamyine. The Sayadaw first founded the Ma-She-Ma-Shoke Pagoda and kept on building, the Aung Lin Pagoda, Seik nine yoke pine pagoda, Ba-Hu-Dei-War, Khan-Ti-Sa Pagoda including other 450 Pagodas. He also constructed religious buildings such as the Ka-Lya-Ni-Thein, Bonmi-ya-zar Hall' 500 statues of monks Dat-Say-Kan monestary, Wut Monestary, Sa-Laung Bon Monestary, Ma-Ni-Au-Ga Monestary.

The Image of the Reclining Buddha was established by Sayadaw himself on the 10th Warning Moon of Pyatho, 1353(myanmar year) and the construction is continuing up to present day. The image is 110 feet in height, including 8stories and 182 rooms with statues, reliefs and paintings depicting the events in the history of buddhism. At present, decoration of over 100 rooms has finished.

Where as, the Head of the Reclining Buddha lying westwar(the Nayraban posture) is intended to pict the delivery of sermons for attaining the ultimate bless of Nibbana. The laying of the Right Hand to the side signifies the peace and harmony the people of Myanmar enjoys, engaging in their own activities unconcerned.

At present, 85% of the image has been completed, at a cost of over 180million kyats up to December 2001.

The world largest Reclining Buddha Image(length 400cubits)
(There is 8stories inside Buddha Image)

It is located in Myaing-kone Village, Mudon Township, Mon State. I did donate slabs for suitable construction. I want to share my good deeds so as to receive it equally with me. Please call Sardu three times. And, when you go to Mawlamyine, don't forget to visit there.

(To be continued for my vacation experience...)


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Very Happy and Lucky New Year 2008

Last Night(31-Dec 2007), New Year staff party was celebrated at Western Park Restaurant Happily.

Including our Boss and his wife, some relatives and us(staff), total is about 60 persons participated and enjoyed that party.
We did change new year present each other. As my present is bikini and shower Gel, one of lady staff got it and shouted that she don't like my present as she's already hear about my funny present. In Myanmar, normally lady feel shy to wear or to buy bikini and sexy panty. :P
I got present alarm table clock from one of senior brother as it may be first prize for me coz I am late comer.

Next program is lucky draw. Wow! I run into the pot (hathat). My winning certificate is Thai food dinner tonight at Sabai Sabai Restaurant for 2persons. Will you join with me? Try to catch me. :D

And giving prizes program makes me excited. If I have been announced as late comer for Year 2007, I would feel shy. But feel better, that kind of prize is not included. If so, can you guess what I got which prize? I wanna boast a little(But no allowed to ask me for treating you). Please, check it up here.

After that, we played funny games. And we receive our boss's speech before restaurant closed. As restaurants in Yangon have to be closed 10:30 PM as latestly according to mayor's restriction.
I arrived back around 11 o'clock.

I don't want to say about second session at home about count down style.

Anyway, 2008's welcoming to me is very lucky.
Together with me, you all will have a most happy and lucky New Year 2008.


Sharing about my friend's saying for New Year

I have a chance to read below poem:
Which is got from my friend, Nay Phone Latt, his saying about New Year.
Enjoy to read it.

Hopes accompanied us to the next year's dates
All what we have done are also with us as a shade
Pure the heart for knowing the true rights
Pure the mind for making the best times
You are the one who can manage to earn both cold and warm
New Year is the one that remind u to value the length of time
Every change won't be same what you want to gain
We have to try again to attain the various aims
Your view can be changed according to your brain
Every point of view can make you in sane
A man should be a man who can take responsibility of his stand
Remember that you can't pass clearly to the new year if you have the unfinished affairs in the old year.

You can read more detail about his description in Myanmar here: