Friday, December 7, 2007

Important ! About Visa for Japanese

I got one mail from Japanese friend as below.

I contacted Myanmar Embassy in Tokyo at 0915(YGN 0645) and received following answer.    Very Important!

111 New documents were added for Japanese people.
<1> Working certificate at the company
<2> Itinerary in Myanmar

222 It takes about 3 weeks in order to be issued the Myanmar visa. Because the embassy will check up each documents in detail.

333 I suppose that taking visa for Japanese must be very severe, This action were decided by Myanmar Government ,especially for Japanese people.

444 Therefore it takes too much time to prepare to visit Myanmar. It seems to be much easer to take visa in Bangkok. In Japan, too difficult. Some case will be refused to issue visa.

555 In Asia, now Myanmar is the most difficult country to visit from Japan. Normally it takes 2-3 days to get visa. It can not be helped after the accident in Yangon.

Thanks him so much for his kindly inquired for us.
According to the result of his inquiry, we understood that Myanmar visa is too difficult to get at the moment in Japan.
We are so disappointed on this situation.

Who can guess when this status will recover ???

As we know, MOFA's declared level is 2 to go and visit Myanmar.When level goes to 1, Japanese will come and visit Myanmar as normally.

Wish their visiting support to recover and revitalize Myanmar Tourism industry

Tourism supports the Myanmar people Direct

Tourism can fight poverty – supports education – raise of social status

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