Saturday, November 10, 2007


Protect and conserve our natural environment
Help to conserve our environment by using operators and businesses that have a policy to protect and conserve the natural environment.
Dispose of rubbish thoughtfully, leave only footprints and take care of the environment rules and regulations in protected areas such as national parks and sensitive marine environments.

Preserve our wildlife and their haitats
Play a vital role in helping to preserve our wildlife and their haitats. Respect the rules and regulations in protected areas such as national parks and sensitive marine environments.
Never purchase souvenirs made from endangered plants and animals.

Help prevent the abuse and exploitation of people
Everyone has the right to be protected from exploitation and abuse. Consider people's human rights, particularly women and children- be mindful of the activities you undertake and the businesses that you support.
The sexual abuse of children is illegal in ASEAN countries. Strong laws exist to prosecute travellers in their home country for the sexual exploitation of children overseas.

Be respectful of our culture and traditions
We have attitudes and cultural practices that may be different from those in your country. By being observant and respectful of our culture and traditions, you can ensure that you do not offend the local people.
Modest attire is important in our region. Please check the local conventions and dress accordingly. Learn what is appropriate attire before visiting sacred places and places of religious worship.
Be sensitive to where, how and when you take photographs or video. Always ask first.

Preserve our historical heritage
Help to preserve historical sites by exploring only the areas designated for visitors. Entrance fees at some sites help local people to conserve areas so they may be enjoyed by visitors for many more centuries.

Spread the wealth
The money you spend during your travels can make a big differeence to local people business and communities. Consider where your money is going- purchase local products and support work of local crafts, people and traditional artisans. Bargaining is customary in many places but be careful to offer a fair price.

Please ensure that you only use operators and businesses that respect these principles.

If you suspect that child sexual abuse adn exploitation is occurring,
please call: Yangon 01 513 227, 01 513 175, 01 555 952
Nay Pyi Taw 067 412 188, 067 412 034, 067 412 139 .

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