Friday, November 30, 2007

International tourists participate at Taunggyi Hotair Balloon Festival

The November fullmoon is an important date in Myanmar tourist calendar, especially for those wishing to visit Taunggyi, Lake Inle and its environs.

During this period there are many colourful and enchanting festivals at Taunggyi. One of the most famous is the Hotair Balloon Competition where hotair balloons of various sizes, shapes and figures are sent up into the sky both in competition and sheer joy. The competition is divided into two parts: a daytime competition and night-time competition.

Balloons sent up during the daytime are small but nevertheless they are diverse. There are cows, elephants, birds and even rhinoceroses sailing up into the sky. They may be alone or in pairs or even in groups of 4 or 5 balloons. The balloons that are sent up at night are huge, some measuring more than 30 feet in diameter and 60-70 feet high. They are hung with many small glass-paper lanterns on the outside and teams must race to finish lighting them up in stipulated period. As they fly up pyrotechnics displays are released against the dark background. Marks are given for the creativity, flight patterns, outside decorations, the ability to complete all tasks in stipulated time etc. But whatever the results everyone has a goodtime, including many tourists.
I am pleased to direct
this blog to know more about Taunggyi Tazaung Daing.
This year, they did do webcast successfully and we have to know about competed hot air ballon of 301 and it is 64 more than last year.

Parade Of Lights Lit Up Taunggyi

On the evening of the November Fullmoon evening the whole of Taunggyi is lit up. Teams from all the residential wards of Taunggyi line up along the main road with decorated floats with scenes from the Jataka (the Holy Life of Lord Buddha) or with small lanterns in their hands. The snaked their way through the town to the Sulamuni Lawka Chantha Pagoda at the other end of the town to pay homage to the Buddha on this auspicious day. This is a tradition that has been observed in Taunggyi throughout the years.

Kahtein or the Offering of Holy Robes to the Monks.

After 3 months of monsoon the robes of the monks had become soiled and Lord Buddha had permitted the laity to offer new holy robes to them. This tradition has been carried on throughout the whole Buddhist world including Myanmar. But the ceremony of offering holy robes to the monks takes on a special significance in Taunggyi. On the eve of the Fullmoon day of November all the residential quarters of Taunggyi gather along the main road with their offerings to congregate at the main Ordination Hall in the centre of the town. The offerings include not only holy robes but also other necessary items for the monks like blankets, towels and medicines etc. These are hung on decorated frames and carried on the shoulders of the participants. The whole procession proceeds towards the main Ordination Hall accompanied by native music troupes with much dancing and chanting of the Holy Scriptures. All the offerings are deposited in front of the Hall where lots are drawn between the many monasteries around the town to divide the offerings.


Friday, November 16, 2007


In others bloggers' anniversary, I have been to wish by delighting and enjoying.
As for me, I have two blogs: one is for English and another is for Myanmar. Although these two blogs were not Twin by creating them at the same time, because of the same owner, without aiming and out of blue, both blogs are strangely needed to be posted as 100th post. Thence, being unbelievable, I have to consider to post as special and then I want to post this with both of Myanmar and English version.

For human being's life, likewise we used to thank infinity to mother, who gives birth and take after to grow up our lives, for my these two blogs, I would like to say Thanks a million to all my brothers and sisters in this blogosphere who support and look up so as to stand and alive long time.

Where as beneficiary, some are good support with good will and some gave pressure and suppress with putting blame. So, I want to keep it in mind with thanks to later one. For first class beneficiary, I do say thank with mentioning by their names.

On 28th Feb, my birthday, I created one blog. What is it blog? I start to know it when I found out Ko Maung Hla's blog address in Myanmar Cupid Forum. Although I have one blog, as I don't know where I can start to post anything, I had to visit and read a lot in many other blogs about two weeks. From the time is being, on 13th March, I start to post my first step and then, my English blog is alive. Being posting with testing, being greeting and introducing in Myanmar Bloggers Forum, I did know Myanmar Bloggers more and more.

In my English Blog, regular audience who wrote comments are Ko Yan Aung, Barnyar, Ma Hay Mar, Michael Sync and Linlet. In Forum, once I know and read about procedure of publishing Myanmar Bloggers Book which arranged by Myanmar Bloggers, I contacted with Ko Nayphonelatt, Ko Soe Zeya and Ko Saturn God according to donate fund and join with their hands. Firstly seeing Blogger is Saturn god who collect donating fund from me. Firstly online contacting and chatting blogger is Hololu( Zin Ko Latt). As I donn't know who is Hololu although I added his mail address, he said stupid to me and it was remembrance for us. At real life, before bloggers gathering, being frankly and friendly speaking and familiarly discussing for any bloggers' actions till Today, that blogger is Mayor Nay Phone Latt.

Unnh, So and so, my blogging age is around 2and half months. On 22nd May, I created another Myanmar blog again. There, younger sister, Ei Mon Soe, she tagged me to write about ten weird Thing about me. So, I did try to type Myanmar with Win font and then I posted it by Yan Aung's kind assistance to change with Zawgyi One Unicode font. So as to write that Myanmar Blog, Ko Yan Aung's frequently saying and helping everything, in my C-box, 99Sanay, who greetings and encouraging words. Another bloggers are Ko Sayhtoo, Ko Chan Mya Soe, Mayvelous, Thamudaya, Ko Thant Zaw Minn and Ko Toe who oftenly wrote vulnerable comments in my blog.

After I tested and destructed coding in my blog by myself as much as I know, Ko Yan Aung and Ko Chan Mya Soe also helped me out without grumbling whatever and wherever I needed to maintain my blog's template and coding as well.

Whenever I needed to know blogs' addresses and I wanted to add add-ons, as I went and read his blog, I did friendly blogger grandfather, Nyi Lynnseck before we met at outside.

After my Myanmar blog is speed up and many new bloggers came out in our blogosphere, I have a chance to make friendship with them and I also want to say thanks you all for coming and visiting my both blogs and for teasing and shouting in my c-box always friendly and happily without boring.

As conclusion, either names are included in this post or not for my missing out to mention by lack of memory, I am still thanking and post it as a record.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007


As our SM Tours Company is one of MMC members, I did attend the organization of fam trips 2007/2008 Meeting held on 31st October 2007 At kandawgyi palace hotel.

The meeting commenced at 15:30 hrs. Mr. Dilan De Silva, Executive Committee Member- Fam Trips welcomed all MMC members.

Presentation on organization of FAM Trips 2007/ 2008 were made by Mr. Dilan De Silva as per following details:


• The Nationality Statistics of FAM Trips from the Year 2004- 2007 were presented. 72 participants including Travel Agents & Companions participated at the MMC Travel Trade FAM Trips 2007 for the season April ~ September.


• Programs will remain the same as last year with 9Days/8Nights Mystical Myanmar Fam Trips covering YGN-BGN-MDY-INLE and 5Days/4Nights Classical Myanmar covering YGN-BGN-MDY & Fascinating Myanmar Fam Trips covering YGN-BGN-INLE.
• The 20 Fixed Departure Dates for the 9 Days/8Nights Mystical Myanmar Fam Trips are:

November: 25 March: 09 & 23 July: 13 & 27
December: 09 & 23 April: 06 & 20 August: 17 & 31
January: 13 & 27 May: 11 & 25 September: 14 & 28
February: 17 June: 15 & 29

• The 19 Fixed Departure Dates for the 5 Days/4Nights Classic Myanmar & Fascinating Myanmar Fam Trips are:

November: 26 March: 10 & 24 July: 14 & 28
December: 10 & 24 April: 07 & 21 August: 18
January: 14 & 28 May: 12 & 26 September: 15 & 29
February: 18 June: 16 & 309

• Detailed Itinerary of 9Days/8Nights Mystical Myanmar , 5 Days/4Nights Classic Myanmar & Fascinating Myanmar Fam Trips are able to see here.


1. Package Rates

Package Price Per Person Travel Agent Companion Single Supplement
Mystical Myanmar 9 Days / 8 Nights US$ 595 US$ 715 US$ 100
Classic Myanmar 5 Days / 4 Nights US$ 435 US$ 555 US$ 50
Fascinating Myanmar 5 Days / 4 Nights US$ 435 US$ 555 US$ 50

Package Includes :
 All Accommodation based on twin-sharing inclusive of breakfast
 Daily breakfast at hotels
 All transfers, sightseeing and excursions with private vehicle as mentioned in the itinerary
 All Entrance Fees & Zone Fees at specified sites
 English Speaking Throughout Guide Services
 Domestic airfares
 International airfares to and from Bangkok

Package Excludes :
 Insurance; Visa Fees and Departure Airport Tax
 All Meals not specified in the itinerary
 Personal Expenses

After the presentation balloting was done amongst the participating travel agents, domestic airlines and hotels for the handling of each group.

Results were announced by Mr. Dilan De Silva for each departure dates.

The meeting adjourned at 17:15 hrs.

Hoping to get many tourists arrival for Year 2008!


Saturday, November 10, 2007


Protect and conserve our natural environment
Help to conserve our environment by using operators and businesses that have a policy to protect and conserve the natural environment.
Dispose of rubbish thoughtfully, leave only footprints and take care of the environment rules and regulations in protected areas such as national parks and sensitive marine environments.

Preserve our wildlife and their haitats
Play a vital role in helping to preserve our wildlife and their haitats. Respect the rules and regulations in protected areas such as national parks and sensitive marine environments.
Never purchase souvenirs made from endangered plants and animals.

Help prevent the abuse and exploitation of people
Everyone has the right to be protected from exploitation and abuse. Consider people's human rights, particularly women and children- be mindful of the activities you undertake and the businesses that you support.
The sexual abuse of children is illegal in ASEAN countries. Strong laws exist to prosecute travellers in their home country for the sexual exploitation of children overseas.

Be respectful of our culture and traditions
We have attitudes and cultural practices that may be different from those in your country. By being observant and respectful of our culture and traditions, you can ensure that you do not offend the local people.
Modest attire is important in our region. Please check the local conventions and dress accordingly. Learn what is appropriate attire before visiting sacred places and places of religious worship.
Be sensitive to where, how and when you take photographs or video. Always ask first.

Preserve our historical heritage
Help to preserve historical sites by exploring only the areas designated for visitors. Entrance fees at some sites help local people to conserve areas so they may be enjoyed by visitors for many more centuries.

Spread the wealth
The money you spend during your travels can make a big differeence to local people business and communities. Consider where your money is going- purchase local products and support work of local crafts, people and traditional artisans. Bargaining is customary in many places but be careful to offer a fair price.

Please ensure that you only use operators and businesses that respect these principles.

If you suspect that child sexual abuse adn exploitation is occurring,
please call: Yangon 01 513 227, 01 513 175, 01 555 952
Nay Pyi Taw 067 412 188, 067 412 034, 067 412 139 .