Monday, October 22, 2007

Thadingyut Festival (Festival of Lights)

Lord Buddha spent the whole Buddhist Lent in Tavatimsa(Abode of the Celestials) and came down to the Abode of Humans on the Fullmoon Day of Thadingyut(26th October). Legend says when He returned to the Abode of Humans, surrounded by Celestial Beings, the people greeted him by lighting up their homes. This tradition is still being carried on to this day. The whole country, from big cosmopolitan cities to remote villages are lit up. People hang brightly coloured lights on their homes. Pagodas are lit up with countless candles. The monks are offered soon (food) by the lay people to gain merit. Young children visit their elders to pay homage with cakes and fruits. This is indeed a joyous time for the Myanmar people. And we invite you all to celebrate this auspicious occasion together with the Myanmar people.

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