Saturday, October 27, 2007

Friends in football field

World = Football field

The world is like a football field
We, The friends of same ambition,
Are a football team.
Our same aim is to score goals,
As much as we can hold.
You are a striker,
But sometime
You will play as a goalkeeper
You are a midfielder,
But if need
You will have to play as a defender.
Of course, defending not to be scored goals
Is as important as to score goal.
As the world's field is so wide,
Sometime, we can't see each other for a long life.
No matter what happened,
Our main theme is that
Our team to win the match
Let's try our best
Let's play with our heart
And let's take the cups
For leaving our marks
On the pages of the past.

Nay Phone Latt

Remark: I can have a chance to read this poem which is written by my friend, Nay Phone Latt. He mentioned this poem is for all friends of same ambition. I just wanna share to read it. All credit goes to him. You can read original here.

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