Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I Wanna Grumble

Wow! So surprise.

This morning, out of blue, government selling fuel prices rise high twice more than before.
For diesel, price becomes 3000 MMK(Myanmar Kyats) per gallon instead of 1500MMK, yesterday price. For Petrol, it is 2500MMK.
As a result of this, most of transportation buses cannot run as usual.
So, people are blocked at every bus stop like traffic jam.
And they need to pay bus fares twice like 100MMK instead of 50MMK for near 1or 2stops and 200MMK for long stops. So pity our people daily life, isn't it.

In addition this, electricity was cut out within these days.
So, to use electricity, generator is needed to operate with petrol which even so high price.
Why should we face with this difficulties?
How can we overcome like this disappointment?
Who will have duty and responsibilities to solve this problem?
We have no way except grumbling.
We are thinking of whether we are being human being who have human rights.
Although I am very depressed for being borne in Myanmar, I cannot still leave others in the lurch.
We cannot help it except grumbling like this.

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