Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Speaking Myanmar

Do you want to speak in Myanmar?
You can learn following usage of small talks:

Hello- Mingalaba(auspicious to you)
*You can say in the morning, afternoon and also evening.
How are you?- Ne Kaun ye la?
No- Mahou ba boo
Yes- Hou keh or hou ba deh
O.K- hou keh
Toilet- Ein tha
Thank you - Chey zu tin ba deh
It's O.K- Ya ba deh
Please reduce the price - Sho ba oun la
Goodbye- Thwe bee
Excuse me- shin(women), khin bya(men)
How much is this?- Da be lau leh?

Enjoy speaking in Myanmar!

1 comment:

Alvin S. C. Lee said...

Kyay zu be... Jwe-naw Myanmar za-ga ne-ne na-le ba-de.

(Hope I got the spellings and grammar nearly correct... I was trying to say that "Thanks... I understand a little bit of Myanmar language.")