Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Urgently Need Donation for this Disable girl

Dear Friends,

We, searchers, went this Sunday to our Khaw Hmu charity clinic.
There were total patients over 60 persons and all are from Sin Chan village and environs villages. Some of them need to come and see doctor at our clinic by taking time 1hour on foot from their place. Till end of this year 2007, we estimated total patients may become over 100 persons. Although one of clients suffering coughing since 6months, he don't know that he infected with TB. Our doctor instructed him to do medical check up for his lamb to verify TB and to take doses for 6months. Do you know so pity villagers lacking both of health knowledge and money for medical treatment expenses?
They just knew that they can cure their diseases or unwelling by injection last 10 or 15 years. According to our clinic, they just eagerly check with doctors for their health. We feel better that they start to know general knowledge about health.

Through community clinic in Khaw Hmu township, we’ve come across Ma Zin Mar Swe, age 15, with disability, who have been advised to undergo operation for deformity of one of her foot. Due to the deformity, she could not able to walk and her feet gets constantly wounded with a serious infection. As referred, she has already visited Orthopedics Hospital at Kyi Myin Dine Township and she was advised to undergo operation. Due to present socio-economic condition of her family, she might not be able to undergo operation. For your reference, some photos are appended below.

Therefore, we would like to request your kind help to contribute to the extent you can for the cost of operation and hospitalization of Ma Zin Mar Swe. Searchers-Myanmar has already donated Ks. 10,000 as an immediate need for travel. The operation is scheduled at next month, July 2007.

Please kindly contact us: info@searchers-myanmar.org

Aung Su Yi 534-142
Htun Win Min 951-27182
Minn Thu 229-280; 223-043; 221-927 Ext:(14)/ 95-951-91812 (out of office hour)
Myo Min Tun 500 - 160
Phyo Zaw Aung 950-17059
Than Win 951 - 72106
Thein Aung 951 - 00928

Thank you for your attention.


Unknown said...

Thank you for your collection. I also used your facts for our volunteers.

Alvin S. C. Lee said...

Any idea how to send financial assistance over from overseas? What is the safest way to send funds, ensuring that the funds go to the correct person in Myanmar?

Thyda said...

I just read your post today. (and I just send email to your org)
But to be make sure, I'd like to left message here,

I'd like to know that,

1)Ma Zin Mar Swe still need financial support for her operation (has you org already got donation for her?)

2) How much would she need for her operation?

3) If she still need financial support, I think, I could help some amount needed for her. (And I need her contact address (or )your org address and phone number)


As update information, from different indvidual donors, we have raised MMK 200, 000 for Ma Zin Mar Swe up to now. Her deformity is since birth, Orthopaedic surgeon are considering the best way to make it right for her. Therefeore, she is still in the hospital getting treatment for her wound at the foot and the cost for her operation is unestimated yet. However, we anticipated that the cost will be a bit higher as her case is complicated and need major operation. Dear Thyda San, we will let you know once we have complete information. Hopefully, we can get it this week.