Monday, June 25, 2007

Ma Zin Mar Swe's operation was successful

For whom had been to read about Ma Zin Mar Swe at earlier posts in this blog, I want to share about her successful operation. We wish to express our special gratitude to Dr.Zaw Wai Soe and party, surgeon of orthopedics Hospital, Yangon. Similarly Ma Zin Mar Swe's Family and we, searchers will always be grateful to the donors and searchers volunteers. We also inform Ma Zin Mar Swe's operation was successful completed last Friday's evening(22-June). Although the operation took for long time(8:00Am to 16:00pm) but actually operation time round about (2 hrs),we satisfied this result and hope for another operation on her finger and a small leg(above knee). She feel very happy for her new life.

Here photos were taken after her operation.


Alvin S. C. Lee said...

Just wondering how is she now... operation wound should be healing by now :)

Khin said...

Thanks Alvin and sadu sadu sadu for your dana.