Monday, June 11, 2007

Ma Zin Mar Swe is now in Kyi Myin Dine Orthopadic Hospital

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to kindly inform that Ma Zin Mar Swe is now in Kyi Myin Dine Orthopadic Hospital in order to get the operation soon. On behalf of Searchers, Ko Myo Min Tun has visited the hospital today and encouraged Ma Zin Mar Swe who is feeling down, shock and panic for being hospitalized. She got being X-rayed and necessary blood and other tests as a preparatory works for operation. Detail diagnosis will be made this afternoon when the results are examined by Orthopedics.

For those who wish to visit her, she is in No. 3 Women Ward of the said hospital.

For your information, Searchers-Myanmar has collected donations MMK 130,000 for Ma Zin Mar Swe's Operation. It will be handed over to her upon the detail diagnosis. If she needs more money, we will try to seek the needed amount as much as we can.

We help poors to help themselves.


Alvin S. C. Lee said...

Just leave me an off-line message on IM or email me when assistance is required :)


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