Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Lahpet thohk or pickled tea leaf salad

With regards to Myanmar Food, we have one well known saying that "Of all fruit, mango is the best, of all meat it's pork, and of all leaves it's lahpet".

Lahpet and Laphet ohk are one set as very significant role in our Mandalay to offer as snacks to guests whom be invited or not. Sometimes, it may be just for the family and we used to eat it while we watching Television program after News broadcasting around 9:00 P.M together drinking with yei-nway jan (plain/crude hot water) or lahpet-yei jan (plain/crude tea) Have you ever been try to eat this? Lahpet (pickled tea) is served in another way as Lahpet thohk or pickled tea leaf salad. It is an exclusive snack of Myanmar Nationals. Its taste is delicious and linger in the mouth. Once you have tasted it you would crave for more. It is an unforgettable snack for those who have had once.

Now I would like to share about preparation of Lahpet thohk or pickled tea leaf salad.
First clean the pickled tea leaves with some water twice or thrice and squeeze it to discard the bitter juice. Then put the tea leaves on a plate and mix thoroughly with peanut oil and fish sauce, and keep to one side. Peel, wash and slice garlic thinly. Then wash and halve tomatoes before taking out seeds and slice thinly. Wash cabbage before chopping very thinly. Remove stalks from chillies and wash them. When the ingredients are ready, put the pickled tea leaves(laphet),cripsy fried lab-lab beans, some fish sauce, thinly sliced tomatoes and cabbage and edible peanut oil on a wide plate and mix together properly. For those who like a hot and sour taste squeeze drops of lime and thinly sliced fresh chillies when blending to make the salad. When taste of the laphet thohk meets your requirement, prepare in a plate. After that sprinkle dried shrimps and garlic on the salad before putting green chillies. Now a plate of traditional Myanmar pickled tea leaf salad is ready to be served.
Many would have lahpet together with plain white rice, again a student favorite.

Fine pickled tea leaves= 80g
Fried lab-lab beans = 80g
Fried garlic = 40g
Fried peanut = 80g
Roasted sesame seeds = 40g
Dried shrimps(not salted)= 40g
Garlic(large cloves) = 10cloves
Fresh chillies = 10
Tomatoes(moderate size)= 3
Cabbage = 160g
Myanmar fish sauce(sweet)= small amount
Pure edible peanut oil = 80g

Sources: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and Lu Thar Kyaw

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