Monday, June 25, 2007

HHHP trip

I would like to inform that HHHP trip and to explain a bit about our activities at the moment. We, Searchers-Myanmar went to Happy Haven Humanitarian Project at East Dagon MyoThit, Yangon on Saturday's morning(23-June). HHHP organized for providing of HIV positive orphans with parental love and care in familial environmental. Searchers-Myanmar donation activities included in Cash for building construction (MMK.418,000/-), Snack food, Clothes and utensil, Myanmar puppet show/ Merion Entertainment for orphan children and Plant in the ground. IYCA Team accompany with this trip for providing of Food (Rice, Oil, Milk, etc..) for orphan children.
With regards to donated money, I am pleased to remind that searchers-myanmar participated and collaborated with Myanmar Council of Churches (MMC), Ratana Metta Organization (RMO), Cholia Muslim Religious Fund Trust (CMRFT), and Inter-faith Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS (IYCA) jointly hosted a candlelight memorial for people
claimed by AIDS on May 20, 2007 in Yangon. Searchers-Myanmar has taken
on Fund raising activities, sold T-Shirt. So, we have gained this
profit and external contribution (non-members) to donate for Orphanage
children of Parent's claimed by AIDS on their annex building
construction at East Dagon Myothit.

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