Monday, June 18, 2007

About Mogok(Ruby Land)

Around 2000-2001, I have been worked there as computer teacher. I lived happily by teaching and taking experience living there about one and half years. Now, I just to give information of the treasure land or lovely hill town.

Mogok(The Treasure Land of Myanmar)

Mogok is located 200 km north east from Mandalay and it takes six and half hours to get there. It’s situated 1170 m above sea-level. So the climate is cool in all weather. The population of the town in 200,000 and they are Shan, Palaung, Kachin, Nepali, Lisu, Danu and Myanmar.

90% of the people who live in Mogok are working for gem business such as Mining, Gem Cutting, Polishing and Trading.

The gems market (Htar-Pwe) is the main interest place where local people trade the gems everyday.
There are three different types of mining in Mogok.

(1) Four feet square mining (lay-bin-kyin)
(2) Open cut mining
(3) Tunnel type mining

At the moment, in our blogosphere, there is one blog as Mogok Media. But, they posted with Myanmar. If you can read Myanmar, you can visit and read there.
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