Friday, June 29, 2007

Land of a thousand smiles or Golden Land Myanmar

I am one blogger from Myanmar. I have been to post this by introducing my mother land as my first step of joining in Topics from 192 countries blog.
Myanmar occupies a large area of land between two of the world's most heavily populated countries- China and India, covering about 676,500 square kilometers equivalent to the size of United Kingdom and France combined.

Based on the comments by foreign travelers who have visited Myanmar, it is one of the safest countries on the planet to travel. Its natural resources and exotic beauty is a draw card for tourists to come and take documentary pictures of photogenic scenes throughout the nation.
The south-east Asian country, also known as the " Golden Land", is rich in historical heritage sites, unspoilt shady beaches, sustained traditional culture, and mysterious lakes.
Populated with 54million, Myanmar has been described as an anthropologist's dream by some writers as it possesses such a great diversity of ethnic groups with distinct dresses, customs and traditions.

While the largest group of Myanmar live mainly in the rivers, valleys and plains, many of the smaller ethnic minorities reside in the mountains and hills, increasingly venturing into the urban centers for better job opportunities and livelihood.

Yangon previously known as Rangoon has become a major business center after the government designate Pyinmana, a town in central Myanmar, as the country's capital later name Nay Pyi Daw, to which all the administrative departments have recently moved.
About Myanmar, have you ever been to read
George Orwell's Burmese Days? In this book, you can see a picture of young Buddhist nuns, dressed in pink with sweet and genuine smiles on their faces and another picture of two young Buddhist monks, sitting in front of a temple inside the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, one of the most peaceful and sacred places.

The people of Myanmar, whose genuine smiles are so beautiful; and whose smiles had given you so much joy and happiness on your trip to Myanmar. Here belows are some photos of Myanmar.

Proud to be Myanmar:


Monday, June 25, 2007

HHHP trip

I would like to inform that HHHP trip and to explain a bit about our activities at the moment. We, Searchers-Myanmar went to Happy Haven Humanitarian Project at East Dagon MyoThit, Yangon on Saturday's morning(23-June). HHHP organized for providing of HIV positive orphans with parental love and care in familial environmental. Searchers-Myanmar donation activities included in Cash for building construction (MMK.418,000/-), Snack food, Clothes and utensil, Myanmar puppet show/ Merion Entertainment for orphan children and Plant in the ground. IYCA Team accompany with this trip for providing of Food (Rice, Oil, Milk, etc..) for orphan children.
With regards to donated money, I am pleased to remind that searchers-myanmar participated and collaborated with Myanmar Council of Churches (MMC), Ratana Metta Organization (RMO), Cholia Muslim Religious Fund Trust (CMRFT), and Inter-faith Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS (IYCA) jointly hosted a candlelight memorial for people
claimed by AIDS on May 20, 2007 in Yangon. Searchers-Myanmar has taken
on Fund raising activities, sold T-Shirt. So, we have gained this
profit and external contribution (non-members) to donate for Orphanage
children of Parent's claimed by AIDS on their annex building
construction at East Dagon Myothit.


Ma Zin Mar Swe's operation was successful

For whom had been to read about Ma Zin Mar Swe at earlier posts in this blog, I want to share about her successful operation. We wish to express our special gratitude to Dr.Zaw Wai Soe and party, surgeon of orthopedics Hospital, Yangon. Similarly Ma Zin Mar Swe's Family and we, searchers will always be grateful to the donors and searchers volunteers. We also inform Ma Zin Mar Swe's operation was successful completed last Friday's evening(22-June). Although the operation took for long time(8:00Am to 16:00pm) but actually operation time round about (2 hrs),we satisfied this result and hope for another operation on her finger and a small leg(above knee). She feel very happy for her new life.

Here photos were taken after her operation.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Basic Leadership Skill Training Program for Searchers has successfully finished

Dear Searchers,

We are pleased to announce that the first Basic Leadership Skill Training Program for Searchers has successfully finished as per the training's schedule as per following:
Duration: 3-day Date: 9, 10 and 17 June 2007 (on 2 weekends). Place: Phaung Daw Oo 3-Storey Building, Just right back Bahan 3rd Street (Bahan 3 Lan) Bus Stand Time: 0900 - 1600 hrs (meals on own arrangement) Based on the availability of fund, we arranged coffee and snacks for all trainees during coffee break. We have a donor on the 10th and 17th June.

We will give certificate and training lessons CD to trainees on coming Saturday(while going to donation trip for HHHP). Don't worry who cannot join that trip, we will send to them accordingly.
Very pleased to get feedback as achieving their expectations to attend this training courses. Here are some photos which were taken during training days.


Myanmar to hold special gem sale to boost foreign exchange earning

Myanmar will hold a special gem sale in Yangon early next month on the basis of competitive bidding system, aimed at boosting foreign exchange earning, said the Central Committee for Sponsoring the Special Sale of Gem, Jade and Pearl Sunday.

Domestic gem traders are being urged to display their quality gems, jade and pearl at the special show scheduled for July 4, and the foreign exchange proceeds from the sale will be designated as legal export earning, the sponsor said.

The country's special gem sale for both foreign and local gem merchants is the third of its kind introduced four years ago in addition to the annual and mid-year ones.-------------------------------------------------------------------

Myanmar started to hold gem shows annually in 1964, introducing the mid-year one since 1992 and the special one since 2004.

Myanmar, a well-known producer of gems in the world, possesses nine gems -- ruby, diamond, cat's eye, emerald, topaz, pearl, sapphire, coral and a variety of garnet tinged with yellow. ----------------------------
To read more details about this news, please kindly visit CCTV International.


Monday, June 18, 2007

About Mogok(Ruby Land)

Around 2000-2001, I have been worked there as computer teacher. I lived happily by teaching and taking experience living there about one and half years. Now, I just to give information of the treasure land or lovely hill town.

Mogok(The Treasure Land of Myanmar)

Mogok is located 200 km north east from Mandalay and it takes six and half hours to get there. It’s situated 1170 m above sea-level. So the climate is cool in all weather. The population of the town in 200,000 and they are Shan, Palaung, Kachin, Nepali, Lisu, Danu and Myanmar.

90% of the people who live in Mogok are working for gem business such as Mining, Gem Cutting, Polishing and Trading.

The gems market (Htar-Pwe) is the main interest place where local people trade the gems everyday.
There are three different types of mining in Mogok.

(1) Four feet square mining (lay-bin-kyin)
(2) Open cut mining
(3) Tunnel type mining

At the moment, in our blogosphere, there is one blog as Mogok Media. But, they posted with Myanmar. If you can read Myanmar, you can visit and read there.
There is still another interesting story about Ngamauk ruby.
You can extend your knowledge by proceeding to go and read here:
Blogger Ko Nyi Lynn Seck's original post:(just sharing)


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Myanmar Bloggers plan book of online postings

With regards to Myanmar Bloggers plan book of online postings, Kyaw Soe Linn, from Myanmar Times & Business Reviews, published in it as below:

BEFORE he posted photos from this year’s Thingyan Water Festival on his web log, Ko Zaw Zaw Myo Lwin only had 1000 visitors to his online site,

Since then the number of viewers has skyrocketed to more than 4000.
He said most of the visitors to his web log, or blog for short, were Myanmar people living overseas who missed taking part in their native country’s New Year celebration.

“Now I write almost every day, about my daily activities, events and memories, and I also post photos, poems and stories as well as quotes I like from books, movies and other websites,” he said.

He added that his postings have become so popular that he can now charge people up to K150,000 to post advertisements on his blog.

Ko Zaw Zaw Myo Lwin’s site is one of more than 200 Myanmar-language blogs that have appeared on the Worldwide Web since 2005, and among more than 71 million blogs around the world tracked by the search engine Technorati.

Now, in order to spread to word to locals who might not have access to the internet, a group of Myanmar bloggers have said they plan to publish a book composed of short stories, poems, articles and technological commentary that have been posted online.

“Some of us who write blogs in the Myanmar language became friends over the internet and came up with the idea of collecting our best material and publishing a book,” said Ko Soe Zeyar Htun, who writes for a local journal and is one of the organisers of the project.

“Some of the work is good enough that the bloggers can properly be called writers and poets but their work has never been published in print media,” he said.

“Our goal is to organise bloggers from all over the world who write in the Myanmar language and to introduce people who are not familiar with the internet to the concept of blogging and teach them how to post their own blogs,” he said.

He said that so far the team of 12 people involved in the project has collected about 130 articles from 40 bloggers.

“We plan to finish editing the book by the end of June and send a draft to the Press Scrutiny and Registration Division,” Ko Soe Zeyar Htun said.

“We would like to officially release the book to coincide with World Blog Day on August 31 this year but if the publishing process is not finished by then, we will at least arrange a ceremony to introduce the book to the public on that day,” he said.

Ko Nyi Lynn Set, who blogs about his personal life as well as about Myanmar history, culture and antiques, said people from all over the world view his site, many of whom post comments with information they want to share with him.
He said he hopes the book will help “double or triple the number of Myanmar-language bloggers in the coming one or two years”.

Sources: dated on June 4 - 10, 2007


Myanmar Related Sites

I just wanna share Myanmar related sites so as to read as your preferable choices as below:
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Reference: site) site)


Monday, June 11, 2007

Ma Zin Mar Swe is now in Kyi Myin Dine Orthopadic Hospital

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to kindly inform that Ma Zin Mar Swe is now in Kyi Myin Dine Orthopadic Hospital in order to get the operation soon. On behalf of Searchers, Ko Myo Min Tun has visited the hospital today and encouraged Ma Zin Mar Swe who is feeling down, shock and panic for being hospitalized. She got being X-rayed and necessary blood and other tests as a preparatory works for operation. Detail diagnosis will be made this afternoon when the results are examined by Orthopedics.

For those who wish to visit her, she is in No. 3 Women Ward of the said hospital.

For your information, Searchers-Myanmar has collected donations MMK 130,000 for Ma Zin Mar Swe's Operation. It will be handed over to her upon the detail diagnosis. If she needs more money, we will try to seek the needed amount as much as we can.

We help poors to help themselves.


Friday, June 8, 2007






Below is my blogger-friend, Alvin's contribution to complement my short English poem...

Life's a karma-driven continuum

Death's the connecting interim

Life's in all fleeting moments

Disappearing before we can even think!


Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Lahpet thohk or pickled tea leaf salad

With regards to Myanmar Food, we have one well known saying that "Of all fruit, mango is the best, of all meat it's pork, and of all leaves it's lahpet".

Lahpet and Laphet ohk are one set as very significant role in our Mandalay to offer as snacks to guests whom be invited or not. Sometimes, it may be just for the family and we used to eat it while we watching Television program after News broadcasting around 9:00 P.M together drinking with yei-nway jan (plain/crude hot water) or lahpet-yei jan (plain/crude tea) Have you ever been try to eat this? Lahpet (pickled tea) is served in another way as Lahpet thohk or pickled tea leaf salad. It is an exclusive snack of Myanmar Nationals. Its taste is delicious and linger in the mouth. Once you have tasted it you would crave for more. It is an unforgettable snack for those who have had once.

Now I would like to share about preparation of Lahpet thohk or pickled tea leaf salad.
First clean the pickled tea leaves with some water twice or thrice and squeeze it to discard the bitter juice. Then put the tea leaves on a plate and mix thoroughly with peanut oil and fish sauce, and keep to one side. Peel, wash and slice garlic thinly. Then wash and halve tomatoes before taking out seeds and slice thinly. Wash cabbage before chopping very thinly. Remove stalks from chillies and wash them. When the ingredients are ready, put the pickled tea leaves(laphet),cripsy fried lab-lab beans, some fish sauce, thinly sliced tomatoes and cabbage and edible peanut oil on a wide plate and mix together properly. For those who like a hot and sour taste squeeze drops of lime and thinly sliced fresh chillies when blending to make the salad. When taste of the laphet thohk meets your requirement, prepare in a plate. After that sprinkle dried shrimps and garlic on the salad before putting green chillies. Now a plate of traditional Myanmar pickled tea leaf salad is ready to be served.
Many would have lahpet together with plain white rice, again a student favorite.

Fine pickled tea leaves= 80g
Fried lab-lab beans = 80g
Fried garlic = 40g
Fried peanut = 80g
Roasted sesame seeds = 40g
Dried shrimps(not salted)= 40g
Garlic(large cloves) = 10cloves
Fresh chillies = 10
Tomatoes(moderate size)= 3
Cabbage = 160g
Myanmar fish sauce(sweet)= small amount
Pure edible peanut oil = 80g

Sources: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and Lu Thar Kyaw


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Speaking Myanmar

Do you want to speak in Myanmar?
You can learn following usage of small talks:

Hello- Mingalaba(auspicious to you)
*You can say in the morning, afternoon and also evening.
How are you?- Ne Kaun ye la?
No- Mahou ba boo
Yes- Hou keh or hou ba deh
O.K- hou keh
Toilet- Ein tha
Thank you - Chey zu tin ba deh
It's O.K- Ya ba deh
Please reduce the price - Sho ba oun la
Goodbye- Thwe bee
Excuse me- shin(women), khin bya(men)
How much is this?- Da be lau leh?

Enjoy speaking in Myanmar!


Urgently Need Donation for this Disable girl

Dear Friends,

We, searchers, went this Sunday to our Khaw Hmu charity clinic.
There were total patients over 60 persons and all are from Sin Chan village and environs villages. Some of them need to come and see doctor at our clinic by taking time 1hour on foot from their place. Till end of this year 2007, we estimated total patients may become over 100 persons. Although one of clients suffering coughing since 6months, he don't know that he infected with TB. Our doctor instructed him to do medical check up for his lamb to verify TB and to take doses for 6months. Do you know so pity villagers lacking both of health knowledge and money for medical treatment expenses?
They just knew that they can cure their diseases or unwelling by injection last 10 or 15 years. According to our clinic, they just eagerly check with doctors for their health. We feel better that they start to know general knowledge about health.

Through community clinic in Khaw Hmu township, we’ve come across Ma Zin Mar Swe, age 15, with disability, who have been advised to undergo operation for deformity of one of her foot. Due to the deformity, she could not able to walk and her feet gets constantly wounded with a serious infection. As referred, she has already visited Orthopedics Hospital at Kyi Myin Dine Township and she was advised to undergo operation. Due to present socio-economic condition of her family, she might not be able to undergo operation. For your reference, some photos are appended below.

Therefore, we would like to request your kind help to contribute to the extent you can for the cost of operation and hospitalization of Ma Zin Mar Swe. Searchers-Myanmar has already donated Ks. 10,000 as an immediate need for travel. The operation is scheduled at next month, July 2007.

Please kindly contact us:

Aung Su Yi 534-142
Htun Win Min 951-27182
Minn Thu 229-280; 223-043; 221-927 Ext:(14)/ 95-951-91812 (out of office hour)
Myo Min Tun 500 - 160
Phyo Zaw Aung 950-17059
Than Win 951 - 72106
Thein Aung 951 - 00928

Thank you for your attention.


Saturday, June 2, 2007

You can believe it or Not




This is a picture of a rock formation near a lake in Burma. The photo can only be taken on a specific day once a year when the sun rays touch the rocks at a certain angle. Tilt your head to the left and then look at it again.....

Did you notice anything different?

Yes or No?

Now I will turn the whole scene vertical.
Do you know where it is in Myanmar?
I got facts with this photo from forwarded mail of one friend from Thailand.


Friday, June 1, 2007

The Foolish Boy

Once there lived a foolish boy, and he was sent by his widowed mother to search for food in the forest. He found a wild fowl caught in a trap. After instructing it to go to his mother without fail and get cooked, he freed the bird and it flew away. Then the boy walked home at leisure, but when he reached home he was surprised to find that the bird had not arrived. He then told his mother about the bird. 'You foolish boy,' said his mother, 'next time you must kill the bird with your knife, and bring it home yourself.' The next day, the boy went again to the forest to look for food, and he found some big mushrooms growing under a tree. 'Ha, Ha,' laughed the boy, 'you shall not escape me this time,' and he ran and cut the mushrooms into small bits with his knife, and then he took the mushrooms to his mother. 'Oh you foolish boy,' said his mother, 'you have spoilt the mushrooms for cooking. Next time you must pluck them by the roots.'

The next day the boy went again to the forest in search of food, and he saw a bee-hive on a tree. 'Honey for me,' the boy said to himself, 'but I must pluck it by the root, as my mother instructed.' So he climbed the tree, and tried to pull off the hive from the branch, but he was attacked by the bees of the hive and badly stung. Crying in pain, he jumped down and ran home to his mother. 'You foolish boy,'said his mother, 'next time you must make a fire, and let the smoke drive away the bees.'

The next day the boy went out as usual in search of food, and he saw a monk. 'I will get him this time,' promised the boy to himself. He stealthily walked up to the monk, and then suddenly set fire to the yellow robes of the monk. When the monk rolled on the grass and put out the fire, the boy was persistent and again attempted to set fire to the robes. So the monk has to seize a stick and beat the boy. The boy ran crying to his mother. 'You foolish boy,' said his mother, 'you can always know a monk by his yellow robe, and the next time you see a monk, kneel down and show respect to him.'

The next day the boy went out again in search of food and, wandering into the thicker part of the forest, he meet a tiger. Instead of climbing the nearest tree for safety, the boy looked carefully at the tiger and, on seeing the yellow stripes on the animal, he thought it was a monk. So he knelt down and made obeisance, and the tiger pounced upon him and ate him.
This story is taken from Burmese Folk-tales by Maung Htin Aung