Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My first post with Myanmar

Today, I can successfully start to post with Myanmar Fonts in my another blog.

I feel happy that much I cannot even mention with words.
Since I write blog and my blogging experience till Today, about 2and half months, I can create Myanmar blog like others blogs in our Myanmar Blogger community.
All frequently visitors for this blog, who can read Myanmar, I am pleased to invite to visit also my new Myanmar blog here: http://melodymaungmm.blogspot.com/
Enjoy visiting my another blog!


Anonymous said...

Good blogging start... keep up the good work !

suby said...

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I also have my own blog,
http://subyxiao.blogspot.com/ welcome to visit it, and welcome to give to me some suggestion.
in addtion, can you help me do something,I have another blog, and this is my assessment blog, it need some link, can you add my link, this is my link:http://steel-valve.blogspot.com/
thanks you very much!!