Friday, May 11, 2007

Love Is Understanding

To die well we must live well. If we have lived well we can die well. There will be no regrets. We can go peacefully, content that we have done what we could, that along the way we have spread understanding and happiness, that we have lived according to our principles and commitment to the ideals of love and compassion.
Love is understanding. Love does not judge or condemn. Love listens and understands. Love cares and sympathizes. Love accepts and forgives. Love knows no barriers. It does not segregate ans say: I am a Theravadin and you are a Mahayanese or Tibetan. It does not say: I am a Buddhist and you are a Christian, a Muslim, a Hindu. Or I am a Myanmar ; you're a Chinese, a Malay, an Indian, a Eurasian. Or I'm a Easterner and you are a Westerner; or I'm a Burmese, you're Japanese, an American, a Thai and so on.
Love transcends all barriers. Love sees and feels that we are all of one race, the human race. Our tears are all the same: they are salty, and our blood is all red. When there is this kind of love and compassion, we can empathize with another human being. We can see that we are all traveling in the same boat upon the stormy sea of life. We are fellow-sufferers in samsara, the endless faring-on in the round of birth and death. We are brothers and sisters.
When we can see and feel this, then all barriers of race, religion, ideology and so on will fall away. We can reach out with a heart of pure love. We can understand and feel another's suffering. Compassion will swell and fill our breast. And in whatever we say or do, this love and compassion will come across. It will soothe and heal. It will contribute to peace and understanding.

With gratitude to be copied from "Loving and Dying" by Visuddhacara.

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