Monday, May 7, 2007

Aung Za Bu Clinic, Khaw Hmu trip

According to duty roasters, on 6 May 2007 - Dr. Aung Hein (as a Medical Doctor), Ma Aung Su Yi, Ko Thant Lwin Htoo, Ko Minn Thu and me and my friend, this group went to Aung Za Bu Clinic, Khaw Hmu township.
We met at Pansoden Jetty meeting point at 7:30 A.M.
We drank coffee at tea shop a while.
Then, we bought boat tickets with 10Kyats(Myanmar currency) for each to across river to go to Dala first. So cheap!
We arrived other bank taking time around 20minutes.
We hired Hi-lux bus as charter for round trip with 13000 kyats.
We started to depart 8:10 from there.
We arrived at Monastery on 09:15.
We met with monk who managed monastic education school as principle.
We donated some things which will useful for him like candles, soaps and so on.
After that, we opened clinic and patients came gradually.
Once patients in village know our medic team arrived there, they took shower and came one by one or group.
Our doctor's duty has finished around 12:45.
Totally patients are about 36persons as patients records.
While I asked and speak with them, they are really happy and appreciated to come and treat them as weekly sunday as charity doing.
In their village, there is no doctor and mostly are not educated and not have knowledge in health.
From now on, they wanna try to see doctor for their health.
They wanna get taking care with doctor's treatment.
Very delightful feeling and enjoyable experience there.
Our monk also treated with lunch for us.
When we returned back, he gave us many jack-fruits which planted inside monastery.
We arrived Yangon at 3:00PM.
Some of us went to proceed to attend weekly meeting of Searchers-Myanmar.
As for me, according to my friend's sake, I returned home with her.
On the evening, I have been talked about this experience to her mother.
Her mother decided to donate some amount for medicine as long-term donation.
I want to share our good deeds to you all.
You can say Sadu Sadu Sadu three times and wish you may gain the same as our portion.

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