Thursday, May 24, 2007

About Hepatitis B Shots

What is Hepatitis B?
Hepatitis B is caused by a virus that attacks your liver. Doctors call the virus HBV (hepatitis B virus). HBV is found in the blood and body fluids of people who have hepatitis B. HBV can make you very sick. Some people even die of it.

How do you get HBV?

* If you have HBV in your blood, your baby can get HBV at birth or while you are caring for your child.
* Both you and your child can get HBV if you live in the same house with someone who has HBV.
* You can get HBV by sharing needles with a person who has HBV.
* You can get HBV by having sex with a person who has HBV.
* You can get HBV if you have a job that exposes you to human blood; for example, if you are a nurse who draws blood.

How do you find out if you have HBV?
You may not feel sick or you may think you have only the flu. Only a blood test can tell you if you have the virus.

If you are pregnant, get a blood test for HBV!

Who is a hepatitis B carrier?
A carrier is someone who:

Will have HBV in his/her blood for life.
May not feel sick but can pass HBV to others.
May have liver problems or liver cancer.
May die if his/her liver stops working.

Young children are more likely than older children or adults to become HBV carriers.
Children who are HBV carriers may have liver problems within a few years after becoming infected or when they are adults.

How can you protect yourself and your child from HBV?

* Hepatitis B shots protect you from HBV --3 shots are needed for complete protection.
* Your children should start hepatitis B shots as soon as they are born.
* If you are pregnant, be sure to get a blood test for HBV.
* If you have HBV in your blood, your child will need a shot called HBIG along with the first hepatitis B shot within 12 hours of birth.
* You should check with your doctor or clinic to see if you need the hepatitis B shots and when each shot should be given.

Remember -- You can protect your child against HBV! Get Your Baby Vaccinated!


For Catch up vaccination.. Minimum interval between 1st dose and 2nd dose is 4wks, 2nd and 3rd dose is 8 wks,between dose 1 to 3 is 12weeks..
So Finally ..

1st dose is day 0 ,

2nd dose is one month(4wk) from day0, and

3rd dose is three months(12 weeks) from Day 0..

Easy ways is 0,1,3 then recheck antibody level and choose booster dose for infant regeme..booster dose is not later than 24wks..

As for me, to take HBs Antigen shot(Engerix B).. although Regular schedule is 0, 1month and 6months,I need urgent immunity .. I did use 0,2 month, 3 months regeme.
So, I did shot yesterday as 3months regeme and I will need to check antibody titer 3 -6months after this 3 rd dose ..If antibody level is low need 4th dose as booster at that time.
My booster dose will be next year 23rd March.

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