Monday, May 21, 2007

About the Candlelight Memorial

Sunday, May 20, marks the 24th anniversary of the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial.

The theme of this year's Candlelight is Leading the Way to a World Without AIDS, a theme which symbolizes hope, direction and the need for leadership at both the community level and the policy level to change the tide of this disease.

About the Candlelight Memorial
The annual International AIDS Candlelight Memorial, a program of the Global Health Council, is one of the largest and oldest grassroots mobilization campaigns for HIV/AIDS awareness in the world. The Candlelight Memorial occurs on the third Sunday of every May and is led by volunteer coordinators who host memorials for their communities worldwide. Now in its 24th year, the Candlelight is meant to honor all those who have been affected by the AIDS pandemic.

But the Candlelight is much more than just a memorial. It’s also an opportunity to educate about HIV/AIDS, influence local and national policy makers, and create community dialogs about prevention, care, and treatment for the disease. It’s an occasion for coordinators to improve their community mobilization skills, partner with other organizations and professionals in their field, and find unity within a global coalition of AIDS activists.

In 2006, over 900 Candlelight coordinators planned memorials in 110 countries, reaching tens of thousands of people. The Global Health Council works with international partners to recruit and counsel community Candlelight coordinators. The Candlelight began in 1983 in the United States, at a time when little was known about HIV. Today, an estimated 25 million people have died as a result of AIDS and 40 million are currently estimated to be infected with the disease.

The International AIDS CANDLELIGHT MEMORIAL is a unique event that promotes discussion, education, and action around HIV/AIDS with the following four objectives: * Honor the memory of those lost to AIDS;
* Show support for those living with HIV and AIDS;
* Raise community awareness and decrease stigma related to HIV/AIDS; and
* Mobilize community involvement in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

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How our Event works
Activities in Yangon included explaining about the Candlelight Memorial by Dr. Sit Naing, the reading of proclamations from Four religions' leaders(Buddhism, Hindu, Christian and Islam)accodingly, participants sang "Candle in the Wind" together with White Rainbow group while taking place in Sein Lann So Pyay garden, where we placed our candles on the water at Inya Lake.
Our Searchers-Myanmar group sold out over 200 T-shirts for fund raising and to donate that fund to 3HP orphanage School(about 13children).
The planning of the event successfully finished and this event led to the creation of a Network of all HIV/AIDS organizations in Myanmar.

Please Click the URL, you can see some of our Candlelight Memorial Photos. For these photo link, Special Thanks to Ko Shine,Candlelight Coordinator, Myanmar. Global Health Council.

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