Friday, May 18, 2007

2007 Selection Songs of Ice-cream Lovers

Every year, we used to make selection songs which our friends group favorite 2songs for each.
This year, our(ice-cream lovers) selection songs are as below:

2007 Selection Songs
01. Yin Kong Mi Thu - Shin Phone by MMM
02. Pyout Sone Twar Te Ma Nat Khin Lay Myar - Ahnge by NE
03. Nar Nar Pi Pyaw - Myo Gyi by SBS
04. Nout Kya Chin Ye A Hmar - D Lay by PK
05. Late Pyar - Lay Phyu by PPA
06. (Unknown) - Ye Lay by MMT
07. Tha Di - L Phyu & Lay Phyu by TT
08. A Chit = A Chit - Black Hole by KTY
09. Zaw Win Htut & his daughter by KSM
10. Pyan Lar Chain Lay - Myo Gyi by MMM
11. (Unknown) - Bambino by NE
12. Nate Sa Du Wa - Myo Gyi by SBS
13. Lyo What A Chit - L Lun Wah by PK
14. Kha Na Lay Myar - Lay Phyu by PPA
15. (Unknown) - Nay Win & Jenny by MMT
16. (Unknown) - Htoo Ein Thin by TT
17. La Yeik Cho - Sai Sai by KTY
18. Ta Ke So Yin - Chit Thu Wai by KSM

If you wanna hear these songs together with us, you can download from here:

P.S: Do you know the meaning of ice-cream lovers? We mean Karaoke mic as ice-cream.(funny meaning)
Enjoy Listening!


All Blog Spots said...

great blog, keep the good work going :)

Alvin S. C. Lee said...

The 1st song "Yin Kong Mi Thu"... nice song. I heard the original Korean one years ago (I think original title is "Because I am a Woman")... here is a YouTube version with English and romanised Korean subtitles...

I like the song and the video... very touching... (the romantic part and soft side of me that is normally not displayed)


Alvin S. C. Lee said...

And here is the YouTube version with Myanmar language subtitles...

Enjoy watching and listening