Thursday, May 31, 2007

Blood Donation Event

Dear Friends,

There will be a blood donation leaded by Dhamma Duta Ahshin Say-kein-da on
2-Jun-07 (Saturday) from 8:00am onwards at the Blood Bank of Yangon
General Hospital. If you are interested, you can take part in this event.
Feel free to pass on the info.

You can download about information with myanmar language by PDF file format here(1) & (2):


Monday, May 28, 2007

About Myinthar Myo Oo New School building

Yesterday, I went to explain about updating blog to students from Myinthar Myo Oo Monastic Education School as my volunteer activity.
While I visiting there, I delighted to know they received donation money(100,000 Myanmar Kyats) from one Myanmar staying in America, who visited this blog. I want them to update regularly this blog for their activities.
As update information, we posted about one story New school building.
If you want to know more detail about this school, please kindly visit here.


Friday, May 25, 2007

The Two Faithful Servants

There lived a sweetmeat seller in a village. She was a widow, and had only one son, who was known as lazybones, for he did no work at all. One day as lazybones sat at home, doing nothing while his mother was at the market, he saw a man leading a dog and a cat by a string. "What are you going to do with the two animals? asked lazybones from the window.
"Going to drown them in the river, " replied the stranger.
"Why would you be so cruel?" asked lazybones.
"I am the king's cook," explained the stranger, " and these two rascals came into the kitchen and ate up the king's breakfast."
"Please sell them to me, " begged lazybones. "I will promise to see that they do not come to your kitchen again."
"What will you give me?" asked the stranger.
Now the old widow was so poor that the only thing of value in her house was a basket of rice. " A basket of rice, " said lazybones. The man took away the rice, leaving the dog and the cat. When the old widow came back and learn t that the basket of rice had been given away in exchange for the animals, she said with tears, "Oh, lazybones, lazybones, you will not work, yet you have given away the little spare rice that we had." Lazybones felt so sorry for his mother that he promised to look for work the next day.

That night the cat said to the dog. "Friend, lazybones saved us from death, and we must save him from work in return."
"Agreed," replied the dog, "but how shall we do it?"
The cat explained that in the middle of the sea there lived a prince in a golden palace, and he had a wishing-ruby. " If only we could get that ruby and give it to our master lazybones, " said the cat.
"Jump on my back," said the dog, "and we will go and get the ruby."
So with the car on his back, the dog swam to the place in the middle of the sea. The dog and the cat stole up the palace stairs. "Keep guard on these stairs, " instructed the cat, " while I search the prince's bed-chamber for the ruby."
The cat entered the chamber of the sleeping prince, and searched high and low, but could not find the ruby. However, he found a mouse. "Sure, Cat," pleaded the mouse, "do not kill me, but let me go. I will help you to find anything you want in this room."
"I want the wishing-ruby," replied the cat.
"I will get it for you, " promised the mouse, " for I know that the prince keeps it in his mouth." When the cat set him free, the mouse climbed on to the sleeping prince, and tickled the prince's nose with his tail. The prince gave a loud sneeze, and the ruby was thrown out of the mouth. The cat seized it, and ran to the waiting dog, who swam back to the shore with the cat on his back. They then went to their master, lazybones, and after waking him, gave the ring to him saying, "Master, there is no need for you to find work in the morning."
When morning came, lazybones said to his mother, "Mother, do not worry any more, for I am going to marry the king's daughter."
The mother said, "lazybones, don't be silly."
"Mother, "said lazybones, "please go to the palace, and ask for the hand of the princess in marriage for me." The mother refused at first, but lazybones told her about the ruby and assured her that all would be well. The mother went to the king, and asked for the hand of the princess for her son.
"What cay your son do?" asked the king.
"He can do everything," replied the proud mother.
"All right, " said the king. "Ask your son to build a bridge of gold and a bridge of silver from your house to my palace. If he can do that, he gets my daughter, but if he cannot do that, I will burn him and you alive. Mind you, woman, the bridges must be finished tomorrow at sunrise." Of course that was an easy thing for lazybones, and the next morning at sunrise, he gave a rub to his ruby and wished for the bridges to be ready.
The king at that moment looked out of his window, and saw the gleaming bridges. "My daughter is a lucky woman, " said the king to himself. So lazybones married the princess, and became the crown prince. He and his Princess lived in a gold house, his mother in another gold house, and the dog and the cat were given a little gold house of their own.
This story was taken from the book Burmese Folk-tales by Maung Htin Aung


Thursday, May 24, 2007

About Hepatitis B Shots

What is Hepatitis B?
Hepatitis B is caused by a virus that attacks your liver. Doctors call the virus HBV (hepatitis B virus). HBV is found in the blood and body fluids of people who have hepatitis B. HBV can make you very sick. Some people even die of it.

How do you get HBV?

* If you have HBV in your blood, your baby can get HBV at birth or while you are caring for your child.
* Both you and your child can get HBV if you live in the same house with someone who has HBV.
* You can get HBV by sharing needles with a person who has HBV.
* You can get HBV by having sex with a person who has HBV.
* You can get HBV if you have a job that exposes you to human blood; for example, if you are a nurse who draws blood.

How do you find out if you have HBV?
You may not feel sick or you may think you have only the flu. Only a blood test can tell you if you have the virus.

If you are pregnant, get a blood test for HBV!

Who is a hepatitis B carrier?
A carrier is someone who:

Will have HBV in his/her blood for life.
May not feel sick but can pass HBV to others.
May have liver problems or liver cancer.
May die if his/her liver stops working.

Young children are more likely than older children or adults to become HBV carriers.
Children who are HBV carriers may have liver problems within a few years after becoming infected or when they are adults.

How can you protect yourself and your child from HBV?

* Hepatitis B shots protect you from HBV --3 shots are needed for complete protection.
* Your children should start hepatitis B shots as soon as they are born.
* If you are pregnant, be sure to get a blood test for HBV.
* If you have HBV in your blood, your child will need a shot called HBIG along with the first hepatitis B shot within 12 hours of birth.
* You should check with your doctor or clinic to see if you need the hepatitis B shots and when each shot should be given.

Remember -- You can protect your child against HBV! Get Your Baby Vaccinated!


For Catch up vaccination.. Minimum interval between 1st dose and 2nd dose is 4wks, 2nd and 3rd dose is 8 wks,between dose 1 to 3 is 12weeks..
So Finally ..

1st dose is day 0 ,

2nd dose is one month(4wk) from day0, and

3rd dose is three months(12 weeks) from Day 0..

Easy ways is 0,1,3 then recheck antibody level and choose booster dose for infant regeme..booster dose is not later than 24wks..

As for me, to take HBs Antigen shot(Engerix B).. although Regular schedule is 0, 1month and 6months,I need urgent immunity .. I did use 0,2 month, 3 months regeme.
So, I did shot yesterday as 3months regeme and I will need to check antibody titer 3 -6months after this 3 rd dose ..If antibody level is low need 4th dose as booster at that time.
My booster dose will be next year 23rd March.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Maintaining One's Honour

One's own Life is One's own Pride

Paint with colors or just in white

Life's sweet fruits gain from toll

Nothing materialize if nothing try

Let no stain spoils your name

Take a firm grip and strike for fame.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My first post with Myanmar

Today, I can successfully start to post with Myanmar Fonts in my another blog.

I feel happy that much I cannot even mention with words.
Since I write blog and my blogging experience till Today, about 2and half months, I can create Myanmar blog like others blogs in our Myanmar Blogger community.
All frequently visitors for this blog, who can read Myanmar, I am pleased to invite to visit also my new Myanmar blog here:
Enjoy visiting my another blog!


Monday, May 21, 2007

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

Love is ...............
As one felt love to another, this one used to think his lover would dedicate him whatever he said.

They were my mistakes that I think you loved me because I loved you.

As for me, Love is like puzzle without answer.

I had never been tried to know your life but you told me a little.
I don't know about you at all like your background, education, living standard and life style, etc.
I really didn't know where you are from, why you are meeting with me, how you did struggle your life.

Nomatter what, for loving you is with no reason.
I deeply know loving you is my sin.


About the Candlelight Memorial

Sunday, May 20, marks the 24th anniversary of the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial.

The theme of this year's Candlelight is Leading the Way to a World Without AIDS, a theme which symbolizes hope, direction and the need for leadership at both the community level and the policy level to change the tide of this disease.

About the Candlelight Memorial
The annual International AIDS Candlelight Memorial, a program of the Global Health Council, is one of the largest and oldest grassroots mobilization campaigns for HIV/AIDS awareness in the world. The Candlelight Memorial occurs on the third Sunday of every May and is led by volunteer coordinators who host memorials for their communities worldwide. Now in its 24th year, the Candlelight is meant to honor all those who have been affected by the AIDS pandemic.

But the Candlelight is much more than just a memorial. It’s also an opportunity to educate about HIV/AIDS, influence local and national policy makers, and create community dialogs about prevention, care, and treatment for the disease. It’s an occasion for coordinators to improve their community mobilization skills, partner with other organizations and professionals in their field, and find unity within a global coalition of AIDS activists.

In 2006, over 900 Candlelight coordinators planned memorials in 110 countries, reaching tens of thousands of people. The Global Health Council works with international partners to recruit and counsel community Candlelight coordinators. The Candlelight began in 1983 in the United States, at a time when little was known about HIV. Today, an estimated 25 million people have died as a result of AIDS and 40 million are currently estimated to be infected with the disease.

The International AIDS CANDLELIGHT MEMORIAL is a unique event that promotes discussion, education, and action around HIV/AIDS with the following four objectives: * Honor the memory of those lost to AIDS;
* Show support for those living with HIV and AIDS;
* Raise community awareness and decrease stigma related to HIV/AIDS; and
* Mobilize community involvement in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Resources: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia;

How our Event works
Activities in Yangon included explaining about the Candlelight Memorial by Dr. Sit Naing, the reading of proclamations from Four religions' leaders(Buddhism, Hindu, Christian and Islam)accodingly, participants sang "Candle in the Wind" together with White Rainbow group while taking place in Sein Lann So Pyay garden, where we placed our candles on the water at Inya Lake.
Our Searchers-Myanmar group sold out over 200 T-shirts for fund raising and to donate that fund to 3HP orphanage School(about 13children).
The planning of the event successfully finished and this event led to the creation of a Network of all HIV/AIDS organizations in Myanmar.

Please Click the URL, you can see some of our Candlelight Memorial Photos. For these photo link, Special Thanks to Ko Shine,Candlelight Coordinator, Myanmar. Global Health Council.


Saturday, May 19, 2007

NGOs in Action(including Searchers-Myanmar)

Candle Light Ceremony for People who were claimed by AIDS

A memorial for people who died from AIDS will be held on May 20, 2007 in Sein Lann So Pyay garden, Hlaing Township, Yangon.

I will also go and attend there together with our Searchers-Myanmar group Tomorrow.

Religions, Candle light ceremony, Fund raising T-shirts


May 20, 2007 (Sunday)


Sein Lann So Pyay garden, Hlaing Township, Yangon


Ko Shine (O: 253104)
Minn Thu (O: 229280, 223043, 221927, ext. 14 Ext:(14), M: 09-51-91812)


Myanmar Council of Churches, Ratana Metta Organization, Cholia Muslim Religious Fund Trust, and Inter-faith Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS.

Fundraising for HHHP



About SMS languages


A/S/L=Age Sex Location
AFAIK=As far as I know
AFK=Away From Keyboard
AKA=Also Known As
AGP=Accelerated Graphics Port
Asap=As soon as possible
Atm=At the moment
A/V=Anti Virus
A/VS=Anti Virus's
AV=Anti Virus
Avs=Anti Virus's

BB=Be Back
Bbfn=Bye bye for now
BBIAB=Be Back in a Bit
BBIAF=Be Back in a Few
Bbl=Be back later
Bbt=Be Back Tomorrow
B/f=Boy Friend
B/fs=Boy Friends
Brb=Be right back
Brh=Be right here
Bsod=Blue screen of death
Btw=By the way
Btdt=Been there done that
B/w=Band Width
Bwl=Bursting with laughter
Bws=Big wide smile
CD-R=C D Rewriter
CD-RW=C D Rewriter
Cmon=come on
Cpu=C P U
C/W=Class Work
Cul=see you later
Cwyl=chat with you later
Cya=See Ya
DCC=Direct client to client
Degt=Don't even go there
Dgt=Don't go there
Dl ing=Downloading
Dnk=Do not know
Dol=Dying of laughter
Drt=Dead right there
Dts=Dont think so
Faq=frequently asked questions
Fb=Funny business
Fcol=For crying out loud
Filetopia=File topia
Fgt=Feeling great today
Foc=Fell off chair
Focl=Fell off chair laughing
Foomcl=Falling out of my chair laughing
Ft=File topia
Fts=File Topia's
Ftbomh=From the bottom of my heart
Fwy=Free way
Fwiw=For what its worth
GB=Gi Ga Byte
GBs=Gi Ga Byte's
Gday=Good Day
Gevening=Good evening
Gnight=Good night
G'Day=Good Day
Gdr=grinning ducking and running
G'Evening=Good Evening
G'Night=Good Night
G/f=Girl Friend
G/fs=Girl Friends
Gfi=go for it
Gfn=gone for now
GTG=Got To Go
G2g=Got to go
Gtgb=got to go bye
G2gb=got to go bye
Gg=gotta go
Giar=give it a rest
Gj=good job
Gjb=good job bro
Gjs=good job sis
Gdp=good job partner
Gmc=getting more coffee
Gmt=Greenwich mean time
Gmta=Great minds think alike
Gtsy=Glad to see u
Habo=Have a better one
Hagn=Have a good night
Hago=Have a good one
Hak=Hug and kiss
Hatm=Howling at the moon
Hawu=Hello all, whats up
Hb=Honey bear
Hciery=How can i ever repay you
HD=Hard disk
Hds=Hard drives
Hf=Have fun
Hhb=Hello honey bunny
Hnd=Have a nice day
Hoas=Hold on a sec
Hoamp=Hold on a minute, please
HQ=Head Quarters
Hry=How are you
Hty=Hugs to you
Hw=Hard Ware
H/W=Hard Ware
Hwy=High way
Iaw=In another window
Iay=I adore you
Iayt=I adore you too
Ib=I'm back
Icbw=It could be worse
Ic=I See
Icq=I C Q
Iddi=I dont doubt it
Idk=I dont know
Idts=i dont think so
I.e=For Example
Ie=Internet Explorer
IIRC=If I Recall Correctly
IMHO=In My Humble Opinion
IMO=In My Opinion
IMSNHO=In My Not So Humble Opinion
IOW=In Other Words
IRL=In real life
Irmc=i rest my case
Irt=in real time
Isdn=I S D N
Iso=I S O
Isp=Internet Service Provider
ISTM=It Seems To Me
Iw=its worse
Iwmy=i will miss you
Iwywh=i wish you were here
Iyd=in your dreams
Iykwim=if you know what i mean
Iyo=in your opinion
Jacpm=just a cotton picking minute
Jas=just a sec
Jja=just joking around
JJ=Just Joking
J/J=Just Joking
J/K=Just Kidding
JK=Just Kidding
Jmho=just my humble opinion
Jmo=just my opinion
Kb=Killer Byte
Kbs=Killer Byte's
lol=laughing out loud
lmao=Laughing My Ass Off
lmc=let me check
lmfao=Laughing my bloody ass off
lmho=laughing my head off
lmtal=let me take a look
loflol=lying on the floor laughing out loud
lshict=laughing so hard i cant type
lsligt=laughing so hard i got tears
lshih=laughing so hard it hurts
lshmbb=laughing so hard my bellys bouncing
lshmbh=laughing so hard my belly hurts
lshmch=laughing so hard my cheeks hurt
lshmsh=laughing so hard my sides hurt
ltm=laughing too my self
LTNS=Long Time No See
lylab=love you like a brother
lylas=love you like a sister
Mb=Mega Byte
Mbs=Mega Byte's
Mia=Missing in action
Mirc= M I R C
Motherboard=Mother Board
Mph=miles per hour
Msie-microsoft internet explorer
Mt=my time
Ncto=now cut that out
Ne1=any one
Ngt=not going there
Nm=Never mind
N/m=Never mind
Nmh=not much here
N/w=No worries
Np=No problem
N/p=No Problem
Nrn=no response necessary
Nsd=never say die
Nunya=none of your business
Nw=No way
Ny=new york
Ocm=Online Call Manager
Ohd=Oh happy days
OIC=Oh, I see
Oll=only laughing a little
Omg=Oh My God!
ootd=one of these days
OS=Operating System
O.S=Operating System
OTOH=On The Other Hand
Otp=on the phone
Ottomh=off the top of my head
Pds=please don't shout
Phonecall=Phone Call
Pokemon=Poke Emon
Pmfi=problem magically fixed itself
pmfji=pardon me for jumping in
poahf=put on a happy face
Pxt=please explain that
Rbay=right back at you
ROFL=Rolling On Floor, Laughing
ROTFL=Rolling On The Floor, Laughing
ROTFLMAO=Rolling On The Floor, Laughing My Ass Off
ROTFLMFAO=Rolling On The Floor, Laughing My Bloody Ass Off
RP=Role Play
Rpg=role playing game
RTFM=Read The Friggin Manual
Sb=skunny bunny!
SE=Second Edition
Shadup=Shut up
Stfu=Shut the hell up
Sthu=Shut the hell up
Swl=Screaming with laughter
Syl=See you later
TTFN=Ta Ta For Now
TTYL=Talk To You Later
UK=U k
Usa=U S A
VR=Virtual Reality
WB=Welcome Back
W/e=What Ever
Winme=Windows Millenium
Wm=Welcome Message
Wordmap=Word Map
WTF=What The Hell
WTG=Way To Go
Ydd=yabba dabba do!
FYI = For Your Information

BRB = Be Right Back
Kinda = Kind Of
cuz = bcos = Because


Friday, May 18, 2007

2007 Selection Songs of Ice-cream Lovers

Every year, we used to make selection songs which our friends group favorite 2songs for each.
This year, our(ice-cream lovers) selection songs are as below:

2007 Selection Songs
01. Yin Kong Mi Thu - Shin Phone by MMM
02. Pyout Sone Twar Te Ma Nat Khin Lay Myar - Ahnge by NE
03. Nar Nar Pi Pyaw - Myo Gyi by SBS
04. Nout Kya Chin Ye A Hmar - D Lay by PK
05. Late Pyar - Lay Phyu by PPA
06. (Unknown) - Ye Lay by MMT
07. Tha Di - L Phyu & Lay Phyu by TT
08. A Chit = A Chit - Black Hole by KTY
09. Zaw Win Htut & his daughter by KSM
10. Pyan Lar Chain Lay - Myo Gyi by MMM
11. (Unknown) - Bambino by NE
12. Nate Sa Du Wa - Myo Gyi by SBS
13. Lyo What A Chit - L Lun Wah by PK
14. Kha Na Lay Myar - Lay Phyu by PPA
15. (Unknown) - Nay Win & Jenny by MMT
16. (Unknown) - Htoo Ein Thin by TT
17. La Yeik Cho - Sai Sai by KTY
18. Ta Ke So Yin - Chit Thu Wai by KSM

If you wanna hear these songs together with us, you can download from here:

P.S: Do you know the meaning of ice-cream lovers? We mean Karaoke mic as ice-cream.(funny meaning)
Enjoy Listening!


Sharing about E-Dform

I wanna share to do E-Dform by oneself for departing from Myanmar to oversea.
Although some already known and applied this, some may be useful by knowing details as below:
E dform means "E Departure Form". Must do before you go oversea.

If you don't do yourself, the broker might charge u about 2000 or 3000 Ks
Actually, it's so easy to do it.Save money.
(But u suppose to have one email account and to know a bit about internet)

1. Go to Myanmar Business Bank (Myanmar See Pour Yay Bank)
And then put 200 ks.They will give u "Bank Chalan".
2. Go to internet cafe.

3. Type and go to normal D Form button.
4. Fill out the require data in your passport and bank chalan number.
5. Then press "Send' Button. U will get the success message.
6. Wait for 10 mins, to reply into your email.
7. When the reply mail see into your inbox, click the link they give to u.
(Sometime you will get error like 20070939
At that time, you must put "/" between and
8. At last, you will c the edform paper. Print it

Pls read details about in here :

Below is filled up form for your kind reference.

Enjoy doing it!


Not Jokes just to laugh and learn

Story 1
A tourist arrived in Rio de Janeiro and wanted to see the sights. He hired a taxi-driver as his guide.
He was taken first to the statue of Christ the Redeemer on Cocovador.
"How long did it take you to build this statue?" the tourist asked.
"Seven years," the guide replied.
"Seven years!" the tourist exclaimed, "In my country, we could do it in seven months!"
The guide next took the tourist to the Niteroi Bridge, one of the longest in the world. As they drove across it from Rio to Niteroi, the view was breathtaking.
"How long did it take you to build this bridge?" the tourist asked.

"Five years," the guide replied.
"Five years!" the tourist exclaimed, "In my country, we could do it in five months!"
By this time, the guide was getting annoyed. He took the tourist into the city. Looming ahead was the Maracana Stadium, the largest in the world, seating 100,000 people.
"And how long did it take you to build that stadium?"
"I don't know," the guide replied, "when I drove past this place yesterday, it was not here."

Story 2
When Bill Clinton won the presidential elections, he was elated. He and his wife Hillary decided to sneak off to celebrate. On their way, they stopped to put gasoline in their car. Bill could not help noticing the way Hillary was talking with the gas pump attendant.
As they drove off, Bill said to Hillary, "I could not help noticing the way you were talking with the attendant--like you were old friends."
"Of course," Hillary replied, "we knew each other a long time ago. We were in high school together. In fact, we dated for a while, and he even asked me to marry him."
Bill swelled with pride. "Aren't you glad that you turned him down, and married the president of the United States instead?"
"If I married him," Hillary replied, "he would have been the president and you, the gas pump attendant."

Story 3
Listen to what some children write to their mothers on Mother's Day.
1. Angie:"Dear Mother, I am going to make dinner for you on Mother's Day. It's going to be a surprise. P.S I hope you like pizza and popcorn."
2. Robert:"I got you a turtle for Mother's Day. I hope you like the turtle better than the snake I got you last year."
3. Eileen: "Dear Mother, I wish Mother's Day wasn't always on a Sunday. It would be better if it were on Monday so we wouldn't have to go to school."
4. Jack:"I hope you like the flowers I got you for Mother's Day. I picked them myself when our neighbor wasn't looking.
5. Carol:"Dear Mother, here are two aspirins. Have a happy Mother's Day!"

With regards to these stories, all credits go to author David W.F.Wong(Make them Laugh and help them Learn)


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

How To Make Cocktails

I wanna share How To Make Cocktails.
I got this from my friend, his nickname: Tawthalin.
I wanna say thanks him.
Happy reading and enjoying making!

Black Russian

The true Black Russian is simply equal measure of vodka and Tia Maria, or Kahlua.
1 shot vodka
1 shot Tia Maria or Kahlua
mixed with ice tubes in a shot glass and stir them.
2 shots vodka and 1 shot Tia maria on ice with no mixer makes a very adult drink.

White Russian

A creamy version of the Black

1 shot vodka
1 shot Tia Maria or Kahlua
1 tbsp (table spoon) whipping cream
Shake all the ingredients well with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

Sex on the beach

Popular in seaside resorts, as the next best resort after sex.
1 shot vodka
1 tbsp peach schnapps
3 shots cranberry juice
3 shots pineapple juice
Half-fill a highball glass with cracked ice, add all the ingredients in the above order and stir them..garnish with pieces of pineapple and orange.

Tequila sunrise

2 shots gold tequila (gold, style that has been aged in wooden casks)
4 shots freshly squeezed orange juice
1/2 shot grenadine
Half-fill a high ball glass with crushed ice..pour tequila..then orange juice..quickly add the grenadine by pouring it down the back of a spoon held inside the glass so that it sinks to the bottom of the drink (ynmom;ygw,f) Garnish the drink with a slice of orange.

Singapore Sling

One of the all-time greats, Singapore Sling was created in 1915 at the world-famous Raffles Hotel in Singapore.
2 shots gin
2/3 shot cheery brandy
2/3 cointreau
juice of one lemon
5ml caster (superfine) sugar
3 shots soda water
Shake all except the last ingredient well with ice and strain into a glass. Add soda water and decorate with a twist of lemon or a black cheery.

Bloody Mary

3 shots vodka
6 shots or 1 cup chilled tomato juice
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
2 drops hot pepper sauce
a pinch of celery salt
Build the liquid ingredients in a highball glass over ice cubes. Stir well and add seasoning to taste..Garnish with the lemon or lime wedge.
This drink is widely recommended for the morning after, as well as the night before.


1 oz vodka
1/2 oz triple sec
1/2 oz fresh lime juice
1/2 oz cranberry juice
Combine with ice in shaker. Shake, pour in a martini glass, garnish with lime wedge

Blue Shark

1 shot vodka
1 shot tequila
1/2 shot blue curacao
Shake all the ingredients well with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Squeeze a little orange rind over the drink to release the oil but don't add the rind itself.

Between the sheets

A 1920s cocktail that suddenly became very fashionable again in the 1980s.This is a powerful, sharply flavoured cocktail.
1 shot cointreau
1 shot cognace
1 shot white rum
1/2 shot lemon juice
Shake all ingredients well with ice and strain into a bowl-shaped cocktail glass. Garnish with a twist of lemon.

Kiss the Boys Goodbye

As the name suggests, this is a cocktail with which American troops going off to serve in the Second World War were toasted.
1 shot Cognac
1 shot Gin (s)
1/4 shot lemon juice
1/2 egg white
Shake all ingredients well with ice and strain into a rock glass half-filled with cracked ice. Garnish with a wedge of lemon.


A cocktail that has survived the test of time and it is a strong one.
2 shots dark rum
1 shot cointreau
1 shot lemon juice
Shake all the ingredients well with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish, add a half-slice of lemon.

Gin Fizz

The drink that has combination of sourness and fizziness and it is so refreshing.

2 shots gin

Juice of half a large lemon

5ml/1 teaspoon caster (superfine) sugar

Soda water

Shake the gin, lemon juice and sugar with ice until the sugar is properly dissolved. Pour out into a frosted, tall, narrow glass half-filled with ice, and top up with soda. Add two straws for decoration. There should ideally be a little less soda than the other ingredients but it is very much a matter of personal taste.

Tom Collins

This is similar to Gin Fizz, except that it isn’t shaken and tends to be made with a little less soda. Originally known as John Collins, after the head waiter at a London hotel in the early 19th century, it changed its name when it began to make with the Old Tom brand of gin.

2 shots gin

Juice of half a large lemon

5ml/1 teaspoon sugar

Soda water

Pour the gin and lemon juice into a frosted, tall glass half-filled with ice. Add sugar and stir to dissolve. Add roughly a measure and a half of soda, a slice of lemon and a straw.

Horse’s Neck

The name derives from the shape of the lemon rind that hangs in the glass.

1 lemon

2 shots gin

Dry ginger ale

Cut the entire rind from a lemon, spiral-fashion. Dangle it from the rim of a tall glass so that it hangs downs inside. Add plenty of cracked ice and the gin, and then top up with ginger ale.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

About Telling Stories as Myanmar Custom and Habits

The method which is Not only getting relief from boredom but also getting knowledge is telling stories as Myanmar custom and habits. In a story, human-beings and animals are proper or on good terms. Animals, trees or plants and stones can speak and also behave like human-beings. But many events are included in stories. Including of nature and behaviors make audience pleased in their mind. Mostly audiences are children and stories-tellers used to be grand-mother, grand-father and mother. After children have already listened stories two or three times, they are going to be fond of it and be obsessed with listening stories. After dinner and early night time, grand-children used to ask to tell stories to their grand-mother who are well taking a rest with cigars. At that time, mostly grand-mothers cannot help without telling stories by loving them.

'Once upon a time, Golden Rabbit and Golden Tiger went thatch-reaping.'
'When they went, Golden Tiger brought a bundle containing some rice and cooked meat, but Golden Rabbit brought a bundle which contained only some cow-dung and sand.'
In the words from grand-mother, there is no word that Golden Tiger is big but stupid and Golden Rabbit is small but treacherous or wicked. As normal occurrence, she told it simple.
When Golden Tiger died by falling down into well, children told 'so pity tiger' and some cried with sympathize. They hate ill-treats of Golden Rabbit as the unjust partner.
Some other stories, children are delighted and happy according to happy endings. Thence, Stories make children understand good and bad things, note clever and stupid facts, give happy and sad feelings and so on.
Grand-father, grand-mother can tell about 30stories repeatedly. Later, children can remember by heart all. Then, grand-father, grand-mother had to try to tell others like folk-legends and Zatakas or Buddhist Birth stories as much as they can remember.
Telling stories make children love and close with grand-father and grand-mother.
As for me, I especially still remember and thank my grand-mother(my mom's mom), who told many stories to me in my childhood and already passed away last 10yrs.
Of course, many of the tales were known to me in my childhood. Accordingly, I will post again some collection of Burmese folk-tales by (Dr.)Maung Htin Aung(Published as Oxford University press).


Burmese Folk-tales(Golden Rabbit and Golden Tiger)

'I have never seen you before,' protested Golden Rabbit. Golden Tiger, being a trusting old thing, thought that it was another Rabbit, and apologized for his mistake. 'I don't blame you either,' said Golden Rabbit generously, 'for I have many brothers and sisters and cousins who all look like me. But friend Tiger, how did you manage to get so many blisters on your back? When Golden Tiger explained how his back came to be covered with blisters, Golden Rabbit said that the best cure for blisters was to rub them against a tree-stump. Golden Tiger, being a trusting old fool, went to a tree-stump and rubbed his back against it with the result that he blisters became torn and bleeding.

Golden Tiger in great pain went on, and soon found Golden Rabbit sitting innocently by the wayside. 'You treacherous villain,' cried Golden Tiger in anger.
'I have never seen you before,' lied Golden Rabbit. 'I presume it is a case of mistaken identity, for I have so many brothers and sisters and cousins who look like me.' Golden Tiger believed him and apologized. 'By the way,' said Golden Rabbit, 'your back seems all torn and bleeding. How did it happen?' Golden Tiger related how his back had become covered with blisters, and how he had rubbed them against a tree-stump. Golden Rabbit, looking very sympathetic said that the best cure for torn and bleeding blisters was to roll on one's back on sandy ground. Golden Tiger, being a trusting old fool, went to the sandy shore of a river, and rolled on his back, with the result that the sand got into his wounds, paining him greatly.
Golden Tiger went on his way, and after some time he found Golden Rabbit sitting innocently by the wayside. 'You shall not escape me this time,' roared Golden Tiger.
'I don't know you,' replied Golden Rabbit. 'You must be mistaking me for one of my many relations.' Golden Tiger, being a trusting and good-natured old thing, apologized for his mistakes. 'Oh, my poor friend Tiger,' exclaimed the Rabbit, feigning sympathy, 'your back seems to be full of wounds. It is fortunate that I can take you to a wishing well, where you can wish away all your wounds.'
'Go take me to that well,' pleaded Golden Tiger.
'Follow me,' said Golden Rabbit.
So Golden Rabbit took Golden Tiger to a nearby well. 'Look down, and wish aloud,' he instructed. As Golden Tiger leaned forward and looked down, Golden Rabbit gave him a push. Golden Tiger fee into the well and was drowned. That was how Golden Rabbit first tormented and then killed the trusting Golden Tiger.

The End!

Story is with Pity Ending, isn't it?


Monday, May 14, 2007

Burmese Folk-tales

I wanna share some Burmese Folk-tales.
Golden Rabbit and Golden Tiger(very well known in our child hood)

Golden Rabbit went to Golden Tiger and said, 'Let us go thatch-raping early tomorrow morning.' Golden Tiger, being a good-natured old thing, was pleased that Golden Rabbit should come and make friends with him. So when morning dawned Golden Tiger, taking a bundle containing some rice and cooked meat, went to Golden Rabbit, and together they proceeded to the thatch fields. Golden Rabbit also brought a bundle with him, but it contained only some cow-dung and sand.
Golden Tiger started to reap, but Golden Rabbit felt lazy. 'Let us go and have our breakfast first,' he suggested. But Golden Tiger, being an industrious old thing, replied that he wished to go on with his reaping and would eat later. 'As you will, ' said Golden Rabbit, 'but do not forget the saying of the wise: " He who comes first gets meat and rice, But he who comes late, get dung and sand."

He then ran quickly to where the bundles were, and ate up Golden tiger's meat and rice. Afterwards he went to sleep beneath a shady bush. Only at full noon did Golden Tiger come for his breakfast. As he found only Golden Rabbit's bundle, he shouted to Golden Rabbit, 'Did you eat up my meat and rice?'
'Of course not,' replied Golden Rabbit ndignantly, 'but I can guess what has happened; the saying of the wise has proved to be true, and your breakfast has been turned into dung and sand.' The simple old Golden Tiger accepted Golden Rabbit's explanation.
The whole afternoon Golden Tiger reaped, while Golden Rabbit slept. By the time the sun was setting Golden Tiger had reaped a lot of thatch, whereas Golden Rabbit had reaped nothing at all. When Golden Tiger had put the bundle of thatch on his back, and was starting for home, Golden Rabbit said, 'Golden Tiger, I am feeling feverish and I cannot walk. What a fool I was to sleep in the hot sun!' Golden Tiger, being a good-natured old thing, asked Golden Rabbit to jump on to his back and sit on the bundle of thatch.
When Golden Tiger had walked some distance Golden Rabbit took out his tinder-box and struck a light. 'What is that noise?' asked the Golden Tiger, suspicious at last of Golden Rabbit.
'It is only my poor teeth chattering, because my whole body shivers with the ague,' explained Golden Rabbit. He then set fire to the bundle of thatch, and jumped off Golden Tiger's back.
Golden Tiger's back was badly burnt and became covered with blisters. He went on, and found Golden Rabbit sitting innocently by the wayside. 'You treacherous villain,' roared Golden Tiger. 'You ran forward after setting fire to the thatch. I will kill you now for your treachery.'

(To be continued)


The Five Languages of Apology In the Workspace




MAKING RESTITUTION: “What can I do to make it right?”

GENUINELY REPENTING: “I’ll try not to do that again”

REQUESTING FORGIVENESS: “Will you please forgive me?”

The LEARN Policy
L = Listen. Hear the customer’s complaint.
E = Empathize. Let the customer know that you understand
why they would be upset.
A = Apologize.
R = Respond and react.Try to make things right.
N = Notify. Get back in touch with the customer and let them
know what action has been taken.

You can download ApologyStudyGuide_Workplace with pdf file format from below:
Enjoy you and your staff well training!


Friday, May 11, 2007

Love Is Understanding

To die well we must live well. If we have lived well we can die well. There will be no regrets. We can go peacefully, content that we have done what we could, that along the way we have spread understanding and happiness, that we have lived according to our principles and commitment to the ideals of love and compassion.
Love is understanding. Love does not judge or condemn. Love listens and understands. Love cares and sympathizes. Love accepts and forgives. Love knows no barriers. It does not segregate ans say: I am a Theravadin and you are a Mahayanese or Tibetan. It does not say: I am a Buddhist and you are a Christian, a Muslim, a Hindu. Or I am a Myanmar ; you're a Chinese, a Malay, an Indian, a Eurasian. Or I'm a Easterner and you are a Westerner; or I'm a Burmese, you're Japanese, an American, a Thai and so on.
Love transcends all barriers. Love sees and feels that we are all of one race, the human race. Our tears are all the same: they are salty, and our blood is all red. When there is this kind of love and compassion, we can empathize with another human being. We can see that we are all traveling in the same boat upon the stormy sea of life. We are fellow-sufferers in samsara, the endless faring-on in the round of birth and death. We are brothers and sisters.
When we can see and feel this, then all barriers of race, religion, ideology and so on will fall away. We can reach out with a heart of pure love. We can understand and feel another's suffering. Compassion will swell and fill our breast. And in whatever we say or do, this love and compassion will come across. It will soothe and heal. It will contribute to peace and understanding.

With gratitude to be copied from "Loving and Dying" by Visuddhacara.


A nice modern story about why MEN lie

*Must Read-for Every Man and of course Woman (to understand man) *

If a female is reading this article then just realize the value of a man; and if its a male then feel proud of after reading it!

"One day, while a woodcutter was cutting a branch of a tree above a river, his axe fell into the river. When he cried out, the Lord appeared and asked,
"Why are you crying?"

The woodcutter replied that his axe has fallen into water, and he needed the axe to make his living.

The Lord went down into the water and reappeared with a golden axe. "Is this your axe?" the Lord asked.

The woodcutter replied, "No."

The Lord again went down and came up with a silver Axe. "Is this your axe?" the Lord asked.

Again, the woodcutter replied, "No."

The Lord went down again and came up with an iron Axe. "Is this your axe?" the Lord asked.

The woodcutter replied, "Yes."
The Lord was pleased with the man's honesty and gave him all three axes to keep, and the woodcutter went home happy.

Some time later the woodcutter was walking with his wife along the riverbank, and his wife fell into the river. When he cried out, the Lord again appeared and asked him, "Why are you crying?"

"Oh Lord, my wife has fallen into the water!"

The Lord went down into the water and came up with ANGELINA JOLIE "Is this your wife?" the Lord asked.

"Yes," cried the woodcutter.

The Lord was furious. "You lied! That is an untruth!"

The woodcutter replied, "Oh, forgive me, my Lord. It is a misunderstanding.
You see, if I had said 'no' to ANGELINA JOLIE, You would have come up with CAMERON DIAZ.

Then if I said 'no' to her, you would have come up with my *wife *.

Had I then said 'yes,' you would have given me all three. Lord, I am a poor man, and am not able to take care of all three wives, so THAT'S why I said yes to ANGELINA JOLIE."

The moral of this story is: Whenever a man lies, it is for a good and honorable reason, and for the benefit of others.

That's our story, and we're sticking to it! - *"WE ARE HONORABLE ** MEN!!!!!!"*


Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Floods kill five in Myanmar

---circuit due to flooding inside their house, and a woman was electrocuted when she stepped on a broken power line, the New Light of Myanmar reported. ...

So sad news! Please read here to know more.


Monday, May 7, 2007

Aung Za Bu Clinic, Khaw Hmu trip

According to duty roasters, on 6 May 2007 - Dr. Aung Hein (as a Medical Doctor), Ma Aung Su Yi, Ko Thant Lwin Htoo, Ko Minn Thu and me and my friend, this group went to Aung Za Bu Clinic, Khaw Hmu township.
We met at Pansoden Jetty meeting point at 7:30 A.M.
We drank coffee at tea shop a while.
Then, we bought boat tickets with 10Kyats(Myanmar currency) for each to across river to go to Dala first. So cheap!
We arrived other bank taking time around 20minutes.
We hired Hi-lux bus as charter for round trip with 13000 kyats.
We started to depart 8:10 from there.
We arrived at Monastery on 09:15.
We met with monk who managed monastic education school as principle.
We donated some things which will useful for him like candles, soaps and so on.
After that, we opened clinic and patients came gradually.
Once patients in village know our medic team arrived there, they took shower and came one by one or group.
Our doctor's duty has finished around 12:45.
Totally patients are about 36persons as patients records.
While I asked and speak with them, they are really happy and appreciated to come and treat them as weekly sunday as charity doing.
In their village, there is no doctor and mostly are not educated and not have knowledge in health.
From now on, they wanna try to see doctor for their health.
They wanna get taking care with doctor's treatment.
Very delightful feeling and enjoyable experience there.
Our monk also treated with lunch for us.
When we returned back, he gave us many jack-fruits which planted inside monastery.
We arrived Yangon at 3:00PM.
Some of us went to proceed to attend weekly meeting of Searchers-Myanmar.
As for me, according to my friend's sake, I returned home with her.
On the evening, I have been talked about this experience to her mother.
Her mother decided to donate some amount for medicine as long-term donation.
I want to share our good deeds to you all.
You can say Sadu Sadu Sadu three times and wish you may gain the same as our portion.


Saturday, May 5, 2007









Duty roasters to accompany the medic team(Searchers-Myanmar)

We all Searchers completed the application forms, signed the oath and the list will be prepared. All completed forms are registered and numbered. (Action Officer - Ko Phyo Zaw Aung)

According to Meeting Minutes - 29 April 2007

Duty roasters to accompany the medic team to Aung Za Bu Khaw Hmu township was also discussed and made. The roaster will be drawn and shared it to the volunteers. (Action Officer - Ko Phyo Zaw Aung).
6 May 2007 - Dr. Aung Hein (as a Medical Doctor), Ma Aung Su Yi, Ko Thant Lwin Htoo, Ko Minn Thu and me.

We will meet at Pansoedan Jetty on 7:30A.M on Sunday.
So, I am being happy by thinking of going there in advance.


Friday, May 4, 2007

If you leave me

Today, it is heavily raining.
Since morning, raining is continued throughout the day sometimes heavily and sometimes lightly.
On the road, some drains are blocked with rubbish and as water flowing is not good, road are flooded quickly.
So, on the way going to office, by walking, my skirt was been wet till half of legs.
Doing works in the office, I sing the song whisper.
But I don't know title and vocalist.

"I am a big big girl, in a big big world
Its not a big big thing if you leave me
But I do do feel that I do do will
miss you much miss you much
Outside its now raining tears are from my eyes"

I repeatedly sing this song and crying in my heart by missing my departed lover.


E-m@il lessons from British Council(Answer sheets)

I wanna post again E-m@il lessons from British Council(Answer sheets) as below:

1. Job skills(Answer sheet)

Module1. Self development:
Module 2.Team development:
Module3. Delivering effective presentations:
odule4. Getting a new job:

2. Business writing(Answer sheet)


3. First Certificate Examination(Answer sheet)


I will try to complete for uploading answer sheets as my earliest.


Deleted all my links on 27-May due to BC's copyright.


Thursday, May 3, 2007

Today's Weather

Last Night, we bid farewell our friend who will return back Australia.
We sat at cold drink shop. We gave him small gifts as he may like.
This morning(5:30) he's already departed from Myanmar.
He give a word that he will try to come and visit again next year.
We will look forward his coming back again.

Since this morning, weather is cloudy and cool.
Most of places, Padauk(the gum-kino tree: pterocarpus macrocarpus) are also blooming beautifully although they didn't bloom during Thingyan very well.

According to weather and blooming flowers make me missing something or someone.
I don't know exactly I am missing whether my lover or my family or my friends.
Nomatter what, I like this feeling and this weather condition.


Wednesday, May 2, 2007

E-m@il lessons from British Council

I wanna share E-m@il lessons from British Council as a new way of studying English with 'pdf' file format by uploading with megaupload.
Otherwise, you can register by yourself and log in regularly using the details they have sent you to get your em@il lesson.


home page:

1. Job skills

Module1. Self development:
Module 2.Team development:
Module3. Delivering effective presentations:
Module4. Getting a new job:

2. Business writing


3. First Certificate Examination


Enjoy your studying English!


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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

About update information in Blogosphere

Just right now, I got update information in Blogosphere as weekly roundup of Myanmar Blogs.
If you want to know about it, you can go and visit this link at:
Enjoy your reading!


Feel better!

Although we(our 7friends group) wanted and planned to go to Shwedagon Pagoda and participate the festival of pouring water on the Bodhi tree last evening, we havn't got a chance to go there.
Because one of us is not allowed to go with us by his mom as she wanted her son to stay with them before 3-April departure to Australia.
Another one also could not come again to our meeting point because he has already arrived at his home(in North Okkalapa).
As for me, I have to work for one emergency case even public holiday.

Wow! So sad. Sometimes life is like that.
Thence, we have to cancel our plan and after my work, I returned home.
But every year,
there is one Bodhi Tree at the corner of our street(Shwe Taung Tan street), and there used to be celebrated for pouring water. So, I and my colleague went and poured water on that Bodhi tree on the way of returning home. Feel better!