Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Thingyan Days

Dear Diary,

This year's Thingyan Festival is over.
Due to my back bone pain, I cannot go and participate at Mandatt(pandal) and cannot also visit with car.
Luckily, on Thingyan middle day(15-April)'s A.M, while our office was making donation as 'Satudithar' with Mohinghar(Myanmar Well known as Snacks, to know more: "") ,

I invite you to come and join with me. But you did reject my proposal at once.

At that time, I feel again my back bone pain heavily and I wanna go home.
But, later a while, you and your friend(only two) arrived at our office.
I didn't expect that.
Someone was asking my name and my guests had arrived in front of office(I didn't invite but you)
Form being hidden inside office, I came out and thinking of who will be.
Once i see you, I cannot say how I was delightful about your coming.
Being asking my colleagues to bring Mohingar for you two, when I was sitting besides you, I was very happy like 10 moons were shinning on the world even how much sunshine was hot.
Then, you suddenly stood up and splashing water to me.
Lol! I was very excited and wonderful.
Before Thingyan, I expected to accept your splashing water to me firstly.
Now, my wish comes true and make me happy and enjoy.
I have been participated many times in Thingyan Festival.
I never been excited and enjoyed and delighted that much.
This year's Thingyan left remembrance and romance footprints in my life.
Although I don't know exactly about love, I can say definitely that I am still expecting loving you than valuable everything in my life.(even you don't love me back)
Thank you and your friend as companion


Yan said...

You are a good writer, Melody!
I like your sentences and choice of words. Hope to read more literatures in the future...

Peace out, Melody!



Thanks par Ko Yan,

I am happy to know your visiting and I wanna try to express my feelings and also update information about Myanmar more and more.

BarNyar said...

Hey!!! Nice Blog!!!



Barnyar yei,

What is nice for you?