Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I was not very well, at the same time, I have got chance to meet with old friend

9-April' morning, I slept in bathroom.
My backbone hit with corner of step. Thence,I felt back
pain strongly. I wanna cry. I have to put pain relief
But, I was working in office at that morning coz I need to handle VIP group of
TAT(Thailand Tourism Association).
Afternoon, I will need to take leave because of more
and more pain. I can't bear it. I am thinking of
whether I need to see doctor if my back pain cannot feel better.
Evening, I have to see with doctor and according doctor's instruction, I took pill and take exercise for backbone relief.
I cannot sit longer time. I cannot write my blog. I cannot sleep very well.

I did take a full day leave.
Although I don't go and work at office, I have to do activities as below:
10:30 AM: To meet with partners(organizer) for discussion about Thingyan donation on Myanmar New Year day at some orphanage.
2:30 PM: To meet with old friend who went abroad to study and work at Melbourne.
We went to cold drink shop and proceed to KTV(Karaoke lounge) to sing the songs together happily. We used to went there M3 since 9years ago.
6:00 PM: To meet and join dinner with old colleagues.
Wow! My schedule is tight and full of appointments.
In order, I did that activities successfully and enjoying too much.

My backbone pain is feeling better.
Now, I am in office.

12-15 April
I will get holidays. Very nice!
I can go and enjoy by participating in Myanmar Thingyan(Water Splashing) Festival.
But I am not sure my plan whether visiting in the city to do or to stay at home by watching video and resting well. I worry I cannot meet with my love during this period.
I will miss him and thinking of about him. (He will be also at his home)
Feeling better is that we can talk with phone.
For sure, I cannot write my blog within these days because I have not got a computer and internet at my home.
I will try to update my blog if I have a chance from somewhere.

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