Friday, April 27, 2007

I wanna grumble

Temperature is about 42~43 degree C.
Electricity supply is around 6hours per day.
Air-condition is useless due to electricity broke out.
Water supply also cannot be enough even for bathing.
I wanna vanish as vapor because I am too hot.
Internet access is frequently connection down.
Mostly free e-mails are banned.
Commodity prices are like rocket-firing.
I cannot control my expenses monthly and then I cannot manage well my financial.
I have no money and no honey.
Living standards are low for even normal standard people who has income or salary round about 1lakh kyats: In US$ 100.
Recently, we face with bird flu.
As funny, mostly people scared this and avoid to eat chicken but they still eat duck and eggs.
So pity due to poor knowledge in health.
I have wordless to mention about Sex Education and to prevent TB, Hepatitis B, C and HIV.
In our country, there is heavily brain draining.
Most of my friends are going abroad for time being.
Friends from oversea are recommending to come and work at their places accordingly.
Sometimes, I wanna leave others in the lurch.
But, I have good aim that I wanna give my hand to poorer persons than me as much as I can although I havn't yet escape from poor situation.

I got information from my friend that there is a organization(Overall development for poors) which established on 1st January 2007. It is Searchers-Myanmar, a development and relief oriented humanitarian organization aiming to promote community participation and social mobilization in the development and social works on a long term basis thereby finding lasting solutions for rebuilding lives of poor in Myanmar.
I am interested in volunteering as a searcher.
This Sunday, there is a meeting for discussing mainly about the progress made by Searchers-Myanmar and the way forward in the months ahead in 2007.
I will go to attend there as just listener and to get clarification from them after their discussion.
I hope I have a chance to be one of searcher joining with them.

They also need you to do works better. Let's join our hand together and we can make a difference.
Please kindly visit this link at :


Unknown said...

Hi ,Thank interested our organization. We are going to KawHmu Tsp, AungZaBu monastry charity clinic coming Sunday(6.5.2007)7:30Am.
If you accompany with our group,you can contact Daw AungSuYi phone:534142


Hi Myo,

Thanks you too for your information about going to AungZaBu monastry charity clinic coming Sunday(6.5.2007)7:30Am.
Yes, of course. I will make sure to accompany with group. I will contact both of Daw Aung Su Yi and U Minn Thu.
C U on Sunday.