Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Feel better!

Although we(our 7friends group) wanted and planned to go to Shwedagon Pagoda and participate the festival of pouring water on the Bodhi tree last evening, we havn't got a chance to go there.
Because one of us is not allowed to go with us by his mom as she wanted her son to stay with them before 3-April departure to Australia.
Another one also could not come again to our meeting point because he has already arrived at his home(in North Okkalapa).
As for me, I have to work for one emergency case even public holiday.

Wow! So sad. Sometimes life is like that.
Thence, we have to cancel our plan and after my work, I returned home.
But every year,
there is one Bodhi Tree at the corner of our street(Shwe Taung Tan street), and there used to be celebrated for pouring water. So, I and my colleague went and poured water on that Bodhi tree on the way of returning home. Feel better!

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