Monday, April 30, 2007

About My Twante Trip and fullday activities on 29-April

Our 6freinds group went Twante on 29-April.
Twante is 30km south of Yangon and well known for its pottery. The process of making pottery and hand-woven cotton cloth can be seen.
I wanna write detail with many photos as below.

I made alarm on 6:00 and call my friend to wake up and ask pick me up 7:00 A.M in time.
We had breakfast at Shwe Si Cafe and met there as meeting point. About 8:00, we had arrived at port(U-Can Restaurant). We had to wait 4foreigners about 30minutes because they lost their way to port. Guide had to find them and bring them to there.
Our Mahaythi boat started to depart at 8:30A.M.
On board, there are 1chinese couple with chinese guide, 4Europeans, our group(6friends), one reporter(may be Pyi Myanmar Journal) and cruise staffs with their English guide .
We will need to ride about 2:30 hrs for upstream to Twante.
During this time, we were speaking, eating sun-flower seeds, drinking china tea and some snacks.
Sometimes, we took photos and videos as live.
On the way, as for us, some sightseeing is not special scenic view. But for foreigners, many photos were worthy to be taken .
We arrived at 11:00A.M at Twante.
Firstly, we walked in the market. There are many interesting shops for foreigners and they can oberve local population with life style.
As Sunshine was too bright at that time, we bought and wear bamboo hats. After 30minutes walking, we arrived at pot selling hut. We took some pictures there. Then, cruise manager arranged and hired horse carts to go to pot making industry. With 5~10minutes riding horse carts, we arrived at pot making industry.
Over 70yrs woman was making Owh-Poat(Traditional child playing things as toys). She is one of very excellent workers. Wow, Very fast working for attractive things.

Owner of this industry showed and explain her works very well.
She is very generous and be patient to explain detail.
According to her speaking, I had known that her some pots as sake pots had already exported to Japan. Raw pots before baking is with brown color. After baking, color will change to green. Very interesting point for me. And also Sake pot need to have space to be filled up 10bottles. Among these, small one is just filled up 7bottles. So, they had to make again big one. This big one is O.K.

After we observing there, we proceed to go to Shwe San Daw Pagoda.
We prayed and worship there. Also, we collected money and donate for Pa Htan(recidation).
Then, we depart there and sat at cold drink local shop .
We drank Sugar -cane juice and took a rest a while there. Because weather is too hot for us.
As Cruise manager's order, we have to return to boat exactly on 12:30.
Riding horse cart is also very excited for us.(no longer to ride horse cart in Yangon)

We arrived at Jetty in time and staff offered us cold tower and ready to have lunch on board. Rice and curries with light taste especially for foreigners. Very delicious!
During lunch time about 1:30 PM, cruise started to return back. After lunch, we drink cold drink and eat Papaya fruit which they served for us.
We were full of stomach and agreed to go down to sing Karaoke.

We sang the songs and making joke each other for our returning. We arrived back exactly 3:00PM because time taken about 1:30 hrs for downstream to Yangon. Our trip was very enjoyable and left remembrance in our memories.

Once I arrived at Yangon, I had to go to meeting for discussing mainly about the progress made by Searchers-Myanmar and the way forward in the months ahead in 2007.
I did sign the oath to be recognized as a searcher.
I also thank my friend, Ko Minn Thu, to introduce with this organization.
Meeting finished on 5:00P.M.

Then, my friends picked me up and went Myin Thar Myo Oo Monastery which located in South Okkalapa.
We have one friend in our group who passed away last 4yrs.
By dedicating her good result, we donated money for education cost for orphans, poor and destitute children in this monastic school.
We are pleased to share our good deeds to get the same portion like us.
P.S: If you are interested in donating to this Monastic school, You can visit this link at:

After that, we went to Inya Lake and walked there.
We had dinner at Love boat restaurant inside Inya Lake.
After dinner, we returned at each home.
When I arrived home, time was 9:00 PM.
The whole day is very tired with too much activities but very very enjoyable day in our lives.

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